Ansorg bathes home accessories in attractive light – at the new Casaideas store in Santiago de Chile

Nov. 22, 2022
Housewares retailer Casaideas uses precisely selected lighting to demonstrate illuminating ideas for the home.

South American home furnishing and homeware retail chain Casaideas’ new store is bringing innovative design and beauty to the houses and apartments in the metropolitan area of Santiago de Chile. Casaideas’ vision is to make its customers’ homes more simple, practical and stylish with tasteful home furnishing concepts. The 1,500 m² sales floor showcases home accessories of every description, perfectly illuminated by international retail lighting specialist Ansorg. The new store at Plaza Oeste has the same merchandising concept as the other 80 Casaideas stores; products are displayed in logical, room-specific areas so that shoppers find it easy to navigate their way around. They are guided through the showroom by perfectly orchestrated light installations comprising suspended, track-mounted spotlights, on mainly open ceilings. Isolated elements suspended from the ceiling, columns and added walls maximise the individual room effect of the living room, dining room and kitchen product display areas.

The lighting concept was holistically planned to create a warm and inviting atmosphere from the shop front, across the entrance area to the corridors, and therefore throughout the entire store. To create a pleasant atmosphere that effectively illuminates the products while enticing shoppers from the corridors to be inspired by the furniture, interior design ideas and home accessories in the product display areas, luminaries with different beam angles and various colour temperatures were used.

With a product range of almost 3,000 articles Casaideas uses almost all of the back walls for merchandise presentation. To create charming and eye-catching visual effects that showcase the often colourful products on the shelves, the lighting concept combines warm light for the homogeneous illumination of the wall areas with specifically positioned, surface-mounted spotlights to highlight the products. This method of back wall lighting creates both a comforting atmosphere and provides basic showroom illumination.

The home store has several design teams continuously developing new products for each category and optimising the sales-promoting effect of the in-store merchandising concept. To add variety and create additional differentiation between the in-store display areas, both narrow and wide-spaced lighting grids in a standard corporate design were deployed. The lighting experts also came up with the idea of directing spotlights onto the differently-sized home decoration articles in the corridor display units.

“Our holistic approach to lighting design helped us to tailor our lighting concept to the store’s unusual architecture. We also had to take into account that there are two collection changes and five product changes every year,” explained Ines Olea, Lighting Designer at Ansorg. The lighting design and product illumination concept reflects Casaideas’ commitment to products with a smart design that deliver added value through functionality and aesthetics.

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