Sustainable Lighting Designers Brightgreen Launch Hidden Strip Lights: Easily Concealable LEDs That Wash Your Spaces With Light

Oct. 25, 2022
  • Hot on the heels of its stellar snap track LED release, B-Corporation Brightgreen has today launched its new range of hidden strip lights.

  • Unlike traditional strip lights, these can be easily concealed in your walls, roofs, floors, cabinetry, skirting boards, and more, allowing you to wash your spaces with world-class light quality.

  • What's more, the B-Corp's newest scissor-cuttable LEDs are designed for consistent, quick and easy installation on most standard plasterboard thicknesses, plus an IP67 rating also ensures unmatched durability indoors and outdoors.

  • With spot-free, continuous light beams, stealthily spotlighting your interior and exterior features using Brightgreen's concealed strip LEDs has never been easier.

This spring, Brightgreen's new hidden strip lighting lets you effortlessly direct light beams to all your architectural features, artwork, floors, and other trinkets—in secret.

Adding to its growing roster of sustainable, innovative lighting products, B-Corporation Brightgreen has launched a series of long-lasting LEDs that spotlight your interior and exterior architecture. While standard, concealed strip LEDs are handy for ambient lighting, they're notoriously flimsy, difficult to install, and don't offer light-washing capabilities.

Cue Brightgreen—our lighting knights in shining armour. 

Self-proclaimed as the catwoman of LEDs, Brightgreen's concealed strip lights are precise and powerful, delivering directional beams to easily wash your adjacent surfaces with light. What's more, it achieves this while remaining hidden from plain view, just like its stealthy part-feline, part-human counterpart—Catwoman. 

Made to be effortlessly mountable on all standard plasterboards and cabinetry, these LEDs also take the headache out of installation. Traditional strip lighting requires custom cutting off-site and use adhesives that fall victim to temperature cycles, delaminating and deteriorating. Instead, Brightgreen's hidden strip lighting is scissor-cuttable for quick installation and clips into the hidden channel without additional parts or tools.

Easy installation isn't its only superpower. Bolstered by an IP67-rated, solid silicone form and a sealed NST, these LEDs can withstand the harshest conditions. Waterproof, dustproof, and bug-proof, not only can you wash your interiors with light, you can take the party outdoors, too. Also, given that they're designed to be minimal, these nifty vanishing champs dissolve into your architecture, eliminating glare directly at the light source. Brightgreen has even managed to ensure the lowest UGR levels for an all-around low-glare-good-time (and minimal squinting).

It's the same insane Brightgreen quality you know and love, but with more abracadabra. 

Brightgreen Bio: Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Cremorne—Melbourne's technology precinct—Brightgreen is a purpose-led company that designs premium, efficient LEDs and automation products in the most sustainable way possible. As staunch opponents of planned obsolescence, Brightgreen is also a Certified B Corporation with an intense focus on developing carbon-neutral LEDs made of toxic-free materials with low embodied energy, which last for years. Brightgreen currently exports its world’s highest light quality LEDs to 14 countries.