LumenRadio's AirGlow
LumenRadio's AirGlow
AirGlow is a multi-standard lighting control solution compatible with both Bluetooth Mesh and LumenRadio’s patented ultra-reliable Mira Mesh. AirGlow makes your luminaires IoT ready in a matter of minutes but still enables uniques scaling possibilities.

AirGlow is built on LumenRadio’s Mira technology. Mira provides a large-scale and easy-to-install wireless mesh network; combined with our patented technologies for FPCC (Future-Proof Coexistence Connectivity) and state of the art algorithms, Mira gives you features such as:
- Ultra reliable Wireless meshed light control
- Scalable from local Bluetooth Mesh to Mira Mesh with full IPv6 support for building control
- Future-Proof multi standard support

AirGlow gives you the unique features of dual DALI interfaces for control of LED drivers and concurrent multi sensor input from a wide variety of manufacturers.
AirGlow comes with an app that simplifies commissioning of powerful light control features, no DALI commissioning needed. With the app, you can select pre-programmed modes such as:
- Constant light
- Presence/absence
- Standard light switch dimming
- Preset scenes
- Astronomical time switch
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