Zumtobel Group Among Top Applicants for Patents Again

June 20, 2023
Tridonic is among Austria’s top applicants at the European Patent Office, ranking second with 93 applications in 2022.

Dornbirn, Austria – Tridonic and Zumtobel Lighting, two brands of the Zumtobel Group, once again feature among the top applicants for patents in the annual ranking of the European Patent Office. Austrian companies filed for 2,388 patents with the European Patent Office (EPO) in 2022 – a new record, as recently announced by the EPO.

Tridonic and Zumtobel as innovation drivers

Tridonic is among Austria’s top applicants at the EPO, ranking second with 93 applications in 2022. This makes Tridonic, the technology subsidiary of the Zumtobel Group, one of the most innovative companies in the country. The number of applications for patents filled with the EPO rose by 39 percent compared with the previous year (67 patent applications). Tridonic currently holds 2,586 patents and patent applications – in addition to industrial property rights at the European Patent Office, these also include a large number of CN and US patents.

With 51 new patent applications, Zumtobel Lighting ended up in sixth place of the top applicants from Austria in 2022. Overall, Zumtobel Lighting holds 1,890 patents and patent applications.

Thanks to the innovative strength of its Tridonic and Zumtobel brands, the Zumtobel Group also supports the high patent density of the federal province of Vorarlberg, where the company is headquartered. In a comparison of all federal provinces, Vorarlberg’s companies rank fourth in the number of applications for patents, with a total of 285 applications.

Protecting the company’s innovation

The purpose of patent applications is to ensure that market leadership can also be maintained in the future, and to protect the company’s innovation. “Innovative products are a central key to the Zumtobel Group’s future success,” says CEO Alfred FelderAs a global player in the lighting industry we live from the innovative ideas of our brands. Continuously investing in research and development is therefore a top priority for us.”