TRILUX and HYDROSOLAR: Driving the LED Revolution through Collaboration

June 13, 2023
During the project, TRILUX specialists actively participated in the design process of the installation, collaborated with the architect, supported contractors, and implemented a luminaire management system.

UK, June 2023 – TRILUX, a leading lighting solutions provider, is pleased to reflect on its successful collaboration with HYDROSOLAR Group, which embraced the LED revolution in 2017. HYDROSOLAR, a pioneer in the Polish plumbing industry market, recognised the long-term benefits of LED technology and partnered with TRILUX to implement cutting-edge LED lighting systems.

Since 1991, HYDROSOLAR has been promoting innovative, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly products in the HVAC sector. Their commitment to sustainable solutions led them to choose TRILUX as their trusted partner for constructing their logistics centre near Krakow, Poland.

Despite the availability of cheaper alternatives then, HYDROSOLAR made the forward-thinking decision to opt for TRILUX's LED solutions, which proved to be a more economical choice in the long run.

Maciej Gronert, Project Manager at TRILUX Poland, commends HYDROSOLAR's awareness and bold step towards LED lighting. He states, "EU directives that ban the production and import of certain obsolete light sources were a distant future in 2017. Despite the lower prices of the luminaires, the investor opted for LED solutions, which were a more economical choice in the long run - high praise for awareness and taking such a step. The savings, as well as the comfort that was provided six years ago thanks to our luminaires, have become an example for our next clients."

During the implementation of the project, TRILUX went beyond being a mere manufacturer and supplier of LED luminaires. Their specialists actively participated in the design process of the installation, collaborated with the architect, supported the contractors during installation, and implemented their LiveLink luminaire management system. This comprehensive approach resulted in automated processes that fully optimised lighting energy consumption.

TRILUX's E-LINE NEXT luminaires illuminated the hall of the HYDROSOLAR warehouse. Each warehouse aisle became a separate lighting zone with independent sensors and controllers managed by the LiveLink system. Nine hundred fifteen luminaires and 48 independent LiveLink controllers were installed, ensuring efficient and customised lighting for the warehouse. The office spaces were equipped with Siella, Oleveon FIT, and Loreto luminaires, providing exceptional lighting quality and design.

The success of this project can be attributed to the excellent collaboration and strong relationships between all project participants.

Marcin Jaremek from Jaremek Architekura highlights TRILUX's reliability and comprehensive support, stating, "TRILUX was simply something we could count on! We received full support and comprehensive development for each of our design topics. Importantly for us architects, TRILUX products also met our expectations in terms of design."

TRILUX looks back on this joint project with HYDROSOLAR Group as a testament to their commitment to a greener future and responsible energy usage. By embracing LED technology and sustainable lighting solutions, TRILUX and HYDROSOLAR have been true forerunners of the LED revolution, paving the way towards a brighter, more energy-efficient world.

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