SOFOS Smart LED High Bay Light Commercial, Warehousing, Industrial

Sept. 7, 2021
Smart, connected LED lights offer cost savings and customisable commercial lighting

SOFOS’s new, high bay light offers users the ability to combine Bluetooth technology with the traditional power of LED lighting  to provide a uniquely connected experience for commercial and industrial outfits that need an affordable lighting solution that also complies with emergency lighting regulations.

For a while now, LED lights have been the “future” of lighting. As a lighting solution geared towards energy efficiency, LED lights needed to be high quality, bright, and long-lasting. It fulfilled these needs, offering illumination for a staggering 50,000 hours. Despite these advancements, it was still expensive and complicated to establish a communication protocol between commercial lights and a user.

Today, the SOFOS LED light sets a new standard for the future of the lighting industry, giving commercial users a new dimension of connectivity through Bluetooth technology from Tuya. Designed by Ledison lighting, specifically for commercial use, SOFOS LED lighting is both simple to use and offers “smart” features you’ve come to expect from today’s connected devices.

Through the free-to-use app for iOS and Android, SOFOS users can operate and control multiple aspects of their LED lights, such as checking actual consumption, adjusting the brightness, and harnessing the built-in dimmable functions. Best of all, the app allows you to set light-on and light-off schedules to boost cost savings and eliminate the potential of forgetting to turn off lights. Additionally, the app also sends notifications about failed light fittings and allows users to control a customised group of lights right from the app.

This revolutionary IoT-powered LED light solution integrates all these features in a discrete controller that is located near the fixture's LED driver. Additionally, the SOFOS LED is the first commercially available light that features adjustable power, which means that you need only one light fitting that works at 100W, 120W, 150W OR 200W.

While the main housing is an aluminium die-cast that accommodates the power supply on top, the heatsink is made of an aluminium alloy. It features hollow fins which optimise thermal management and reduce dust accumulation. Finally, users will find the space between the LED driver and the light engine (a copper-based board with SMD3030 chips) handy as it allows air circulation and eliminates hot spots inside the bay light.

Areas of light that are too strong or too low can be regulated using the 4-position switch on the housing of the bay light. You can install these commercial units by surface mounting or by suspending them from a chain. Finally, every SOFOS LED fixture features a lithium-ion battery pack activated in case of emergencies. This means that, during a power cut, the bay light can continue to operate for up to 3 hours using the stored energy. With a high degree of user control, the intelligent SOFOS LED is lighting up the path to greater building efficiency and automation.