New EnergyWare Corporate Video Highlights the Versatility of LED IoT

Aug. 22, 2020

EnergyWare is a full-service, nation-wide LED Smart Technology Design, engineering, manufacturing and installation company with customers across the country within all public and private business sectors as well as non-profit, educational and governmental agencies.

EnergyWare has been re-shaping the conversation around LED lights to extend beyond just the savings. It has taken on an aggressive educational outreach program focused on shedding light on the social responsibility and community impact LED technology has and can have on places like cities and schools.

The video allows viewers to peer into the near future when parks will intelligently react to its pedestrians, when schools will provide smarter and more inclusive evacuation strategies for its students and when cities will be completely connected with its community and in control of its lights with Smart Lighting Management Systems accessed from an iPad or mobile device.

LED IoT is proving to be the fastest accelerator of the LED lighting transition for businesses and communities alike across the country, and EnergyWare is leading that acceleration.