EnergyWare Releases New Corporate Video Highlighting Its Product Expansion From LED to Include Solar, HVAC and Water Conservation

June 16, 2020

Assessing energy usage has never been so relevant to the times. With businesses looking to cut operational expenses and increase savings, and communities seeking sustainable access to natural resources with an interest in becoming more energy independent, energy efficiency technology is being explored at every level and in every conversation, as an effective way forward. For this precise reason, EnergyWare is excited to share its new corporate video on Energy Efficiency.

EnergyWare, once hyper-focused on LED Lighting technology, has broadened its perspective on energy and expanded its offerings to include Solar, HVAC smart technology and Water Conservation, all part of its new product ecosystem. “This corporate video is a small step forward as our company ramps up its aggressive push to educate the nation on how to build #ABetterEnergyFuture, together. We are confident that this move to expand, and not shrink back, will not only bring great benefits to our company, but more importantly, continue to offer valuable, sustainable and cost-effective products and services to our customers nationwide,” says, Boaz Santiago, Director of Marketing.

Despite the common business challenges the company had to maneuver through, as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 crises, it has faced these challenges head-on with innovation, consultation and appreciation. This video highlights how energy impacts every aspect of our lives, yet when harvested, not wasted, can create a sustainable path forward for business and society at large. 

The video also highlights the newly established and expansive branding of EnergyWare. The company slogan, once being “LightingTheWayForward, has changed, symbolizing the broader and more holistic mission of the company with its new corporate slogan, #ABetterEnergyFuture. “There is something really special with being able to work each day, knowing that what we market and sell is a genuine value proposition with benefits that touch the lives of every business owner, every employee and every resident where we have customers.”

Along with the new video, EnergyWare has refreshed its website in order to provide the maximum amount of information that a potential customer may need in order to make informed choices about Energy Efficiency and its countless benefits. Coupled with this new video, EnergyWare, with a little ingenuity, support from great employees along with strong partnerships and wise leadership from management, is not just weathering the storm, they are trying to harness its energy.

About EnergyWare

EnergyWare is a full-service, nationwide Energy Efficiency design, engineering, and installation company. The company eliminates the guess-work of Energy Efficiency solutions by bringing lighting engineers, lighting designers, best-in-breed manufacturing, and trained ENERGY-centric electricians all under one umbrella.