Zumtobel Wins IF Design Award 2023 with SCENO

May 23, 2023

Zumtobel's SCENO luminaire, presented in April 2022, has convinced the jury: 132 design experts from over 20 countries have chosen their favourites in the course of the iF Design Awards 2023. The discreet design of SCENO won the award in the Retail Luminaire/Spotlight and Track category.

Every year, a jury of design experts presents the coveted iF Design Award. The award places emphasis on both exceptional design and innovative strength. One of this year's award-winning products is the SCENO luminaire by Zumtobel, which received an award in the Retail Luminaire/Spotlight and Track category for its design and wide range of applications.

Discreet design and brilliant light

The discreet design of the luminaire leaves the stage to the goods and draws the customer's attention to the products. It also impresses with a timeless exterior and straight lines. SCENO creates uniform and brilliant light at the same time. This is ensured by the specially developed lens technology. Instead of a large light source, Zumtobel relies on a row of miniaturised lighting chambers. Whether seven LEDs or 14, whether fitted on one or two sides: the combination of lenses and glare control honeycombs guarantees high lighting quality and effective glare control with a high level of visual comfort. Retailers can create a stimulating atmosphere with SCENO, turning purely functional shopping into an emotional experience.

It is a pleasure and an honour for us to receive the prestigious iF Design Award. For the retail application, SCENO is the logical evolution of the best features of a spotlight and a linear luminaire. It skilfully masters the high demands in terms of flexibility, brilliance and sustainability in the sense of adapting to constantly changing room concepts in retail. With just one luminaire, it is possible to put various target areas with different requirements, positions and orientations in the room in the right light. The lighting blends seamlessly into the architecture and directs the focus to the presentation of goods. SCENO makes shopping an experience!— Jörg Linden, Application Manager Retail at Zumtobel

Design freedom thanks to four variants and countless application options

In addition to the fixed central section, SCENO has independent wings in which the honeycombs are integrated and which can be adjusted separately and aligned in the store. Depending on requirements, SCENO is available in four different versions: in single or double-leaf design, with seven or 14 honeycombs per side. Depending on the version, the light output varies with 2,000, 3,500, 7,000, 8,000 or 14,000 lumens.

Individually customisable

In the three available housing colours of black, white and silver, SCENO blends discreetly into the sales space. Specially developed for supermarkets and retail areas, it takes human perspectives into account. Because the different optics bring light exactly where it is needed: on the shelves and other presentation areas. The luminaire is available in four different light colours (2,700 Kelvin, 3,000 Kelvin, 3,500 Kelvin, 4,000 Kelvin) to emphasise the colours and details of different goods. Especially for the fresh food counter, there is also a MEAT module that authentically brings out red tones of food, does not falsify colours and gives an impression of special freshness.

SCENO also for the office

But SCENO does not only cut a fine figure in retail. This year, SCENO's scope of application was extended to include office spaces, after all, many companies want to bring their employees back to the office. Concepts such as New Work, which rely on open floor plans and variable room layouts, help here. Whether creative in the collaboration zone or concentrated at an individual workstation: SCENO offers a flexible lighting solution that meets changing visual tasks and usage requirements in the office.

If the office design changes, so does the light. SCENO has individually rotatable and swivellable light modules for maximum flexibility. Even more design freedom is provided by combining it with track systems: For workstations, the use of SCENO on a 3-phase track is optimal. In collaboration zones, mounting on SUPERSYSTEM tracks is suitable.

SCENO uniquely combines the key themes of flexibility, modularity and brilliant accent lighting in a flat and unobtrusive luminaire design. Two independently adjustable wings as well as rotatable 3-phase track adapters or TECTON adapters enable maximum variability. The two wings can also be individually fitted with different LEDs and optics. Thanks to the specially developed optical construction of lens and reflector, the luminaire generates maximum brilliance on the product while maintaining optimised glare control - also for office lighting.— Sven Scharfe, Product Manager Spotlights at Zumtobel