[LND] Launches the New &Co/Llection Made of Accoya® Wood: Outdoor Light Reconnects with Nature

Nov. 30, 2022

[LND], or Landa Illuminotecnica, an internationally established Italian company specializing in outdoor lighting, is preparing to launch its new collection of environmentally conscious &CO/LLECTION lighting fixtures.

A true star of Urban Forest, the fascinating booth set up by [LND] at the just-concluded edition of Light + Building, the new &CO/LLECTION consolidates the direction taken by the company with its 2020 rebranding: Landa is light at once technical and decorative, the bearer of an ongoing dialogue between man (and his products) and Nature.

The new &CO/LLECTION by [LND], consisting of outdoor lighting products, takes the dialogue to the next level by bringing light back into its natural environment. A condition that occurs not only on a visual level - the bio-appearance of the materials - but also in the composition of the materials themselves.

The point of departure and arrival is wood, the soul and body of the entire &CO/LLECTION. A wood that is functional to the corporate mission shared by the entire Bugatti Group: the achievement of industrial production that is increasingly conscious and careful to preserve the environment so that future generations can do the same. The choice of the Landa R&D division therefore turned to a solution with a low environmental impact: Accoya® wood. This is a special fast-growing pine species that is sustainably managed in New Zealand and then processed in the Netherlands to achieve levels of durability, stability and versatility unknown to any other wood. This is made possible by the innovative acetylation process it undergoes: an alteration, at molecular level, that changes the structure of the wood itself, improving many of its performance characteristics.

Accoya® defines the uniqueness of &CO/LLECTION: a new idea of organic light in which the product - technically flawless in the Landa tradition - does not try to hide the unique grain and natural imperfections of Accoya® wood but, on the contrary, proudly displays them. A collection that looks to the "perfect imperfection" of Nature even in defining the naming of the products, whose inspiration comes from the world of cacti, plants that can withstand even extreme conditions. A perfect cue for creating an identity for &CO/LLECTION's outdoor fixtures, consisting of bollards and wall and ceiling lamps that are different from each other but immediately identifiable as part of the same family. Exactly like cacti.

The new &CO/LLECTION is aimed at an audience seeking a new interpretation of outdoor light articulated on different types, shapes and sizes. All models in the collection - Calib, Duvali, Idria, Kalan, Solisia, and Zygo - are made by combining Accoya® wood and AISI 316L stainless steel for the structures, polycarbonate for the diffusers, and high-efficiency LEDs for the light sources.

Calib is an expression of unprecedented green scenarios: a bollard with an iconic T-shape that gently illuminates walkways and driveways thanks to the LED source emitted downward through an opal diffuser. Three pole sizes are available - 60, 90 and 120 cm - to adapt Calib's aesthetic impact to any lighting design.

Another bollard is Duvali, a walkway-light interpreted in a three-dimensional vision: the structure seems to emerge from the ground in all its geometric elegance, proposing LED light diffused with character within a niche that visually lightens the product and gives different facets depending on the point of observation. Duvali is available in standard versions with heights of 60, 90 and 120 cm or in the compact Duvali_mini variant with a height of 35 cm.

Idria is a family of fixtures that lends itself to any outdoor space. Two versions are provided - bollard and wall-mounted - both characterized by a monolithic style and a powerful yet diffused light source, capable of providing a scenic and evocative atmosphere. Idria bollard is offered in three heights - 60, 90 and 120 cm - while the wall-mounted variant can be mounted with the light source facing up or down, depending on the application needs.

Kalan focuses on the essentiality of outdoor lighting: a range of indirect light lines, installable on ceiling or wall, developed to enhance spaces such as terraces, verandas, porches and entrances. Wide customization possibilities, thanks to three lengths (1,450, 900 and 550 cm) and 4 different wooden covers with mechanical fastening and horizontal or vertical installation.

The circle, the perfect paradigm for the concept of the union between product and environment, characterizes Solisia, a family composed of bollards and wall lamps with an archetypal shape that immediately projects the observer into a bucolic and dreamy dimension. Solisia bollard, with diffused light, is available in a 130 version, with an upper disc diameter of 13 cm and a pole diameter of 5 cm, or a 200 version, with a disc diameter of 20 cm and a pole diameter of 8 cm. Three heights are provided for both: 35, 55 and 85 cm. Solisia wall lamp, with indirect diffused light, on the other hand, is offered in version 130, with a diameter of 13 cm, or in version 200 with a diameter of 20 cm.

The &CO/LLECTION range is completed by Zygo: a 60 cm high bollard with a minimalist, cutting-edge design that is extremely simple and effective: the ultimate expression of functional lighting within the new collection. Perfect as much for urban applications as for driveways surrounded by greenery, Zygo conquers with its direct but always diffuse beam of light.

With &CO/LLECTION, [LND] takes another step toward defining new paths of outdoor light. A range in which high luminous efficiency, maximum visual comfort and high weather resistance coexist in total harmony with the environment.

Thanks to acetylation, in fact, the Accoya® wood that makes up &CO/LLECTION products significantly extends its useful life: it does not swell, does not shrink, does not visibly distort, and is paintable, withstanding the test of any climate as evidenced by its 25-year warranty under ground and in fresh water and its IP 65 certification. In addition, it is also non-toxic, thus proving safe for people, pets and the planet itself.

The new &CO/LLECTION is a further expression of the link between the made-in-Italy manufacturing industry and the natural world that Landa Illuminotecnica is committed to developing in an innovative way, proposing outdoor lighting with a strong "narrative" impact and firmly connected with the natural world. A symbiosis that gives rise to sophisticated aesthetic plays and luminous nuances that give each luminaire a great aesthetic identity and, at the same time, respond flexibly to any design requirement by virtue of the engineering intelligence typical of each of the company's creations. Learn more about &CO/LLECTION: https://landa.it/en/e-collection