LEDtronics Unveils Cutting-Edge LEDG12 Series CFL Replacement LED Lamps

Dec. 1, 2023

Torrance, Calif., Nov. 28, 2023—LEDtronics®, Inc. announces the expansion to its family of CFL and halogen replacements with 10 and 15-watt LED lamps that similarly offer omnidirectional illumination, but with much higher luminosity and CRI—all achieved at a considerably lower wattage.

The UL/cUL listed LEDG12 series directly replaces compact fluorescent lights in fixtures with dual-pin G12 base, with ballast bypass when appropriate. Both lamps are rated for input voltage of 100~277 VAC, and provide a 360-degree omnidirectional, no-shadow illumination of 6000K pure white light.

At the same time, they offer energy savings of up to 70% over CFL, incandescent, metal halide and halogen lamps — The 10W LED unit replaces 21W T12CWFL; 17W T8FL; 23W CFL; 75W INC and 75W tungsten quartz. The 15W lamp replaces 50W Pulse Start MH; 18W LPS; 35W HPS; 36W T12CWFL; 17W T8FL; 32W CFL; 100W INC and 100W tungsten quartz.

The LEDtronics series of LED lamps replace CFLs in all applications in indoor decorative lighting in globes and lanterns, such as accent and display lighting in showcases, picture lights, cabinet lighting fixtures, desk lamps; street, warehouse and garage lighting; passageways, offices, hotels, restaurants, museums and galleries; security lights; theatrical effects lighting; tubular bulbs for one-sided exit signs, and tubular appliance bulbs, among others.

Depending on their wattage, the lamps provide 1317 or 1960 lumens of light and maximum candela of 142 or 216 cd, with a high color rendering index greater than 83. This translates to a luminous efficacy of 153 to 155 lumens per watt. In addition, they boast a power factor of 0.99. They weigh only 2.6 ounces and come with a white polycarbonate base; they also offer universal burn position — no burn position restriction.

The solid-state, rugged design of the LEDtronics LEDG12-XPW-101A bulbs renders them impervious to electrical/mechanical shock and vibration, frequent switching and environmental extremes. They operate in a flexible temperature range of ~-20°F to ~+40°F while producing no UV or RF interference, low IR and minimal heat.

The new UL-listed LEDtronics CFL-replacing LED lamps come with an unconditional three-year U.S. factory warranty, and can be ordered through LEDtronics distributors; quantity discounts are available. Other color temperatures — 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, higher than 6000K; dimming and other voltage options are also available for qualified volume offers.

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