VEmesh Wireless Extension to DALI (VEmesh D2D)

With the wiring of DALI often too costly or too expensive, the wireless VEmesh Wireless Extension to DALI (or in short VEmesh D2D) is an excellent alternative in any new or retrofit DALI deployment.
A flexible solution for replacing all or part of the DALI wiring by wireless, VEmesh D2D is an excellent choice for a modern DALI based LED luminaires’ system. VEmesh D2D also enables to use any existing standard DALI devices, such as luminaires, drivers, sensors and switches.
The use of VEmesh Wireless Extension to DALI is mainly indoor, such as offices, retail stores, production halls, warehouses and public buildings. In BMS retrofit, VEmesh D2D enhances the lighting modernization with the most advanced type of wireless connectivity.
The wireless technology in D2D is VEmesh, which operates in the license-free, Sub-1 GHz ISM frequency bands, as opposed to the heavily used, over-abused 2.4GHz band. VEmesh intrinsic frequency, space and time diversity provides for the best-in-range robustness, by overcoming both physical obstacles and radio interference. And finally, VEmesh is the Sub-1 GHz normative technology in use in the new part 104 of IEC 62386 standard, which is widely referred to as the international DALI standard.
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