P.L. Light Systems introduces two new LED luminaires

Sept. 7, 2023
The ParFX Ultra is available in high light output or ultra-high output models, and offers multiple standard spectral recipes. The TriPlane Linear offers minimal shadowing for canopy applications.

Following the highly successful launch of the TriPlane™ luminaire in 2022, P.L. Light Systems has added two additional LED products to their ParFX™ product family: the ParFX™ Ultra and TriPlane™ Linear.


With an ultra-high light output of ≤ 3745 μmol/s and ideal batwing light distributionthe ParFXTM Ultra is a high-performance LED top-lighting solution that delivers the ultimate balance of power and precision.

“What makes the ParFXTM Ultra a game-changer, is its unique optical lens that’s engineered to produce a perfect batwing distribution.” comments Todd Phillips, President of P.L. Light Sytems. “This optimized distribution delivers industry-leading uniformity to allow for wider row spacing, enabling growers to achieve their target light levels and consistent crop growth—with fewer luminaires.”

The ParFXTM Ultra is available in high light output (Ultra) or ultra-high output (Ultra Plus) models—depending on the light levels required for the application, and offers multiple standard spectral recipes (including far-red options). Custom spectral recipes can also be accommodated for project level orders.

To learn more about the ParFXTM Ultra,  visit https://pllight.com/products/triplane-linear/.


Engineered to cast minimal shadowing on the crop canopy—while delivering the same leading performance as the standard TriPlaneTM model, the TriPlaneTM Linear offers the ideal combination of form and function in greenhouse applications.

“Our design approach at P.L. Light Systems is always purposeful—whether it’s a new luminaire, or an update to an existing product.” explains Lisa Jansen van Rensburg, Marketing Director. “With the TriPlane Linear, we wanted to retain the growers’ ability to adjust the distribution angle of the LED modules, but offer additional flexibility in terms of mounting configurations to address the challenges faced by greenhouse operators in particular.”

The LED modules of the TriPlaneTM Linear can be mounted back-to-back or spaced further apart, depending on the light level requirements. Driver modules can be mounted vertically or horizontally—either between or above the LED modules.

The TriPlaneTM Linear is available in the same RWMB and Daylight spectrums as the original “standard” TriPlaneTM product, as well as a new RWMB_FR spectral recipe. This new recipe is optimized for efficiencies in the red and blue spectrums, with additional far-red content and is now also available for the standard TriPlaneTM luminaire.

To learn more about the TriPlaneTM Linear luminaire visit https://pllight.com/products/parfx-ultra/.

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