CABA Tech Launches Free Daily Light Integral (DLI) Calculator for Growers of All Sizes

April 11, 2023
'DLI Detective' provides NASA satellite data to inform growers' analysis of natural lighting conditions and optimal supplemental lighting needs.

Spokane, WA, April 3, 2023: CABA Tech, a subsidiary of Best Lighting Products, announced today that its proprietary daily light integral (DLI) calculator, the DLI Detective, is available for public use through its updated website. This tool optimizes plant growth and will be live and available for global growers on April 3, 2023 

Growers in the cannabis and agricultural products industries can access the DLI Detective by visiting CABA’s company website and simply entering their email address. A quick email from Micro Mole will grant users immediate access to the tool. Using NASA’s responsive data, this industry-first tool makes it a quick, painless process for growers to calculate the natural lighting conditions for their grow. Upon entering geographical information, such as address or city, growers are eligible to receive a FREE DLI supplemental lighting report, which outlines the type and quantity of LED lighting needed to achieve record yields. 

“The DLI Detective gives growers more than just a 20-year average DLI for their region,” Tony Vilgiate, President says. “We take the most recent data from NASA’s global satellites and provide an accurate and current picture of average monthly DLI. The calculator then takes the users greenhouse transmission efficiency and their provided target DLI to generate a report on how much supplemental lighting is needed, and when to apply it,” he explains.  

Craft and commercial growers can view the DLI Detective here:

About CABA 

CABA is defining the common good in the horticulture industry through the power of homegrown manufacturing. Its patented broad-spectrum lighting technology became the industry standard for better growth and as of 2023, CABA has over 100,000 grow lights deployed in the North American market. CABA continues to innovate for the horticultural industry by cutting out the middleman with its established manufacturing infrastructure and making LED lighting technology accessible and affordable to growers of all sizes—from craft to commercial. 

The team of lighting engineers and growth experts work together to release resources like the DLI Calculator to make it easier for growers to focus on their plants and businesses.