Active Grow Completely Redesigns the T5 HO LED Grow Light Fixture

May 12, 2022

Seattle, WA, May 12, 2022, Active Grow, the sustainable horticultural lighting manufacturer, is proud to announce the launch of its T5 HO 2.0 LED Grow Light Fixture. This new take on the classic fluorescent grow light provides growers with the lightest and thinnest T5 HO LED grow light fixture in the industry.

With a completely redesigned all-PC body, this next-generation fixture weighs just 5.6 lbs. and features a razor-thin 1.7” profile. “Our goal with this product was to create a more sustainable fixture that addressed the inefficiencies of traditional fluorescents and matched the technology of today,” says Matt Leonard, Active Grow’s Marketing Director. Each T5 HO 2.0 LED 4FT 4 Lamp LED Grow Light Fixture comes with Active Grow’s award winning T5 HO Ballast Bypass LED Lamps which operate on 120-277V line voltage. “By removing the ballasts, we immediately increased the lifetime and system efficacy of the fixture and at the same time, reduced the weight and need for unnecessary housing materials,” says Leonard.

The T5 HO 2.0 LED Grow Light Fixture’s low profile and versatile hanging options (hanging hooks, zip ties or hydroponic hangers) give growers more vertical space in racking systems with minimal clearance. The fixture provides uniform light coverage for up to a 3’x4’ area for low light-medium light level requirement plants and a 2’x4’ area for medium light-high light requirement plants. “Another outdated component we removed was the aluminum reflector. Reflectors minimize the light loss experienced with omnidirectional fluorescent lamps and are part of that legacy technology,” says Leonard. “LED lamps are directional by nature, meaning all of their light output is directed towards the plant canopy.”

All fixtures come complete with Active Grow’s T5 HO Ballast Bypass LED Grow Lamps and are currently available in Sun White and Sun White Pro spectrums. These horticulture-specific spectrums feature exceptional PBAR (Plant Biologically Active Radiation 280-800 nm) output and efficacy while using 60% less energy than traditional fluorescent lamps. The lamp’s transparent PC body protects against water damage and shattering in tough CEA environments. The ballast-free design eliminates buzzing, flickering, compatibility and longevity issues, providing plants with pure uninterrupted lighting.

Each fixture’s waterproof dual on-off switches let growers choose between running 2 or 4 lamps at a time to accommodate different plant types and growth stages. Up to 8 fixtures can be daisy chained on a 120V circuit or up to 16 on 208V/240V/277V circuits, creating a cleaner and easier installation for any growing environment.

About Active Grow

Based in Seattle, Active Grow is a horticultural LED lighting manufacturer whose mission is to empower commercial and home growers to grow the best plants they can while reducing their carbon footprint. We believe the future of healthy food and medicine is plant-based, and by working directly with passionate growers who share our vision, we are constantly researching, testing and developing innovative solutions for anyone that wants to cultivate their own garden. Now Get Up and Grow with Active Grow! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for the latest company updates and videos.