Pozeen Cannabis Laboratory Started to Operate for Grow Light Field Testing

Feb. 3, 2021

Pozeen today announced the full operation of its in-house cannabis laboratory, which services the purpose to run field testing of its cannabis grow lights.

The Pozeen cannabis laboratory occupies over 3000 square foot and has sections for clone, vegetative and flowering. The laboratory was equipped with Pozeen’s cutting-edge cannabis grow lights and industry standard equipment including HVAC, ventilation system, dehumidifiers, filters and CO2 generator.

With this in-house testing laboratory, Pozeen can keep testing and improving its grow light spectra and thus produces more yield and higher quality cannabis. All the yields will be tested to gain the THC and CBD contents; so Pozeen will be able to engineer the best spectra for specific strains.

Pozeen will start to deploy its 3rd generation full spectrum based cannabis grow light which features the most advanced LED diodes engineered by its expert team to generate the industry leading performance and spectra. In the meantime, Pozeen’s 2nd generation full spectrum grow lights are available on the market to help growers worldwide to improve the quantity and quality of yield.

The operation of this in-house cannabis laboratory represents another milestone in Pozeen's grow lighting R&D history and further establishes the foundation for future product line expansion.

About Pozeen

Pozeen, dedicated to deliver quality and value to our customers, has an expert engineering team across USA and China. The company operates two ISO9001:2008 accredited manufacturing bases in Malaysia and China and has become the largest grow light manufacturer in middle China and Malaysia.

The company has started to engineer grow lights for cannabis, vegetables and flowers back to 2014. Through years’ efforts and evolved from countless failures, Pozeen has established a complete grow lighting product line, including HPS/CMH light fixtures and LED grow lights, for commercial and residential horticulture. Pozeen also offers the industry leading light lifting system, environmental control system and racking system.