Autec Power Systems - Powering the Lights That Feed the World

Sept. 29, 2020
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The Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel hosted this year's HortiCann Light+Tech Conference. Gathered at this event were many of the grow-industry pioneers and minds collectively contributing to seminars and discussions regarding the future of grow lights and the evolution of lighting trends in the horticulture industry. Topics addressed the economic impact of light degradation in conjunction to gases and progress in innovation of electronic components used in today's grow light market. Experts from MIT, University of Kentucky, and other prestigious universities were on hand to dissect and analyze the changes in the crop cultivation and yields scene in North America. "Ag-Tech”, as it is now referred to by industry professionals, has become a unilateral industrial effort to convert dated and inefficient farming practices to embrace technology advancements to increase food production, improve crop yields, overcome the economic challenges of the declining tobacco and corn/grain farms, and provide a job-creation solution to replace the deteriorated coal mine industry.

Currently, dozens of greenhouse projects are being erected around the country; picture 60-acre (indoor) vertical-farm greenhouses, operating on recycled water and solar power, outproducing a traditional standard-size outdoor field by 300%, with a significantly lessened impact on climate change and resource consumption. Government funding for education and training in these new practices are an important factor, as federal and state agencies are investing substantially to ensure the growth of "Ag-Tech".

LED grow-lights are providing the “bright” future for delivering this much needed solution. Underpinning the high-growth potential and successful implementation of the technical advancements to fuel vertical-farming, now and into the future, are the power supplies (LED Drivers) necessary to efficiently power the grow lights.

Autec Power Systems’ LED Driver named "The Arbiter", the 600W/680W high-output power, high-efficiency, IP67 model has been selected by the largest LED grow light manufacturer for powering their lighting fixtures. This OEM leads the industry with cutting-edge spectral technology optimized for plant growth and crop yield. Autec Power Systems CEO, Moshe Cohen, said, “We are proud to be partners with such a forward-thinking lighting technology leader who chose Autec’s high power LED Driver line to power their innovative lighting fixtures. Together, we will grow the food to help feed the world.”

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