Ignite Fitness, Hertfordshire

Nov. 29, 2021

This press release features a Q&A, discussing how Tryka helped to bring Ignite Fitness to life using lighting.

Ignite Fitness, Hertfordshire

Can you give us a background to the project? 

Ignite Fitness in Cuffley, Hertfordshire is a gym with a difference. Housed in a renovated warehouse, the owners wanted to build a facility that offered more than just equipment and workout areas. The vision was to create a gym that had a really positive atmosphere, with an exciting and enticing buzz. 

Who was the lighting designer for the project?

London Lightworks were appointed to deliver the lighting scheme for Ignite. Initially there was no lighting designer on board. MV Electrical were the electrical contractors and had worked with London Lightworks previously on a number of projects, primarily in the high-end residential sector. They knew that to deliver this project to the client’s high expectations, a lighting consultant would certainly be needed. They knew that London Lightworks could help with the complex lighting requirements for the new fitness facility, so they were introduced to the client and instantly they knew they had a team that fully understood the brief and how to deliver it.

What was the design brief and objective?

Ignite Gym is located in a former industrial unit, with concrete floors, and a large open plan metal structure for the main floor. The client has strong ideas on how to make the most of the space and realise their vision of opening a gym with personality, they understood the importance of lighting in achieving this and London Lightworks designed a scheme that was not only striking but technically did the job in each zone.

The client was open to recommendations as to how the lighting scheme could help them bring the gym to life. As well as the areas for workouts and classes, the gym also hosts DJ nights and community events, and has a coffee shop for refreshments and pre and post workout relaxation. The lighting needed to work in harmony with these different functions of the space. A tricky task when you consider the high intensity of a spin class and the relaxing atmosphere you want when having your morning cup of coffee… 

When was the project completed?

It was completed in April 2021.

What was the inspiration behind the lighting design?

The Logo. Firstly, the gym wanted to use its angular elements throughout the facility, either as a direct replication or accents of the logo to create synergy across the space. London Lightworks identified that a near-full linear lighting scheme would work perfectly for Ignite in delivering this. It is easily workable and comes in many shapes, forms and outputs. Using linear lighting products from Tryka LED, London Lightworks were able to harmoniously pick up the angles and lines, creating a subtle nod to the logo in all areas including the dance studio and the spin studio which took a slightly more creative approach.

Secondly, many of the areas in the gym had low ceilings, with open concrete soffits, the client did not want to lose any height. The use of miniature profiles from Tryka therefore provided the right levels of illumination without encroaching on the space.

A great example of this was in the changing rooms. Mounting lights directly to the ceiling slab was the only possibility in the space so they used Tryka’s profiles not only for lighting but also distribution of cables for a sleek and modern aesthetic. In the shower and washing area, the air conditioning extraction and elements run along the ceilings, so there was no ability to mount lights to the ceiling. London Lightworks have therefore used Tryka linear lighting along the tops of the walls, along the washbasins, and vertically on the walls, which perfectly balanced function with form whilst continuing the linear theme and a nod to the company logo. A couple of spotlights have been used above the sinks to ensure adequate light levels for vanity, you have to look your best after a workout right… otherwise what’s the point?

Can you share more specifics of the lighting design?

In the main gym space there is a double-height, vaulted metal ceiling. The design by London Lightworks has made a feature of this; using linear RGBW LED lighting up the ceiling panels allows the client to change the mood of the gym with colour. A more energetic colour in fast paced activities and DJ sets yet also the ability to create a relaxed vibe if needed for yoga. From the floor up the walls, across the beams and then returning back down. Tryka profiles offered same width diffusers for profiles with different applications such as recessed, surface mount and plaster-in, which allowed lighting details to seamlessly transition from ceilings to walls. This has made the beams stand out while hiding less appealing features of the ceiling. London Lightworks knew that linear light lends itself to the elongated space, and creates a perception of a bigger space thanks to the repeated patterns of attractive light.

The corridors were a particular challenge, as they were very low and narrow. London Lightworks felt this needed to be improved to offer a more welcoming space. Using Tryka’s linear lighting solutions the brief has been met to make the space much brighter and lighter. Other features have been highlighted through linear lighting, such as illuminated handrails on the stairwells.

In the exercise areas, LED chevrons bring out elements of the logo. Colour changing LED lights have been incorporated into the space, which allow for dynamic lighting to be used in gym sessions themselves and social activities such as DJ nights. The lighting creates more of a bar or club atmosphere, which is exactly the client’s brief. 

There is deliberately very little lighting in the spin studio. A stylised version of the logo has been created on the ceiling with linear LED, which then cascades down onto the back wall. This can then be set to different colours and pulsing to keep high energy activity throughout the workout sessions.

Anything else to tell us?

The reception and coffee lounge area is the only part of the design that has steered away from completely linear lighting. London Lightworks have used pendants and floor lamps, combined with track and spot lighting to deliver a more relaxed, chilled vibe. While there is a nod to the linear lighting scheme along the skirting boards and the countertop, this is heavily interspersed with decorative and softer light to suit the needs of the space enabling the users to interact together and importantly, make themselves at home.

The gym signage uses cold cathode neon lighting. This includes the floor numbers, directions to the toilets and chevrons to direct users to the different areas, which are all fulfilled in bespoke neon. This is then continued up the walls of the main gym’s decorative lighting, which adds a fun and playful element to the space, rather than being a stark and clinical work-out facility.

Were there any specific challenges?

The gym had very little natural light and the changing rooms had none, so it was important to create a design that delivered the right levels of illumination and energy to the spaces without being too harsh and glary. 

From a technical stance, emergency lighting was especially tricky as the client did not want to see cables surface mounted and we already had to deal with low ceilings, thus London Lightworks wanted to incorporate emergency features into Tyrka’s fittings. This was a great challenge but one I am pleased to say we overcame.

What about lighting control?

DALI has been used for the main control function as it offers great flexibility alongside DMX modules for the colour change. These have been integrated together by London Lightworks so the client has multiple scenes to all spaces depending on the activity taking place. All at the push of a button they can change the feel of the gym from a high intensity DJ set to a relaxed yoga session.

How did Tryka become involved in the project?

London Lightworks and Tryka have collaborated on a number of projects with great success in the past. With a lighting design scheme fulfilled nearly entirely from linear LED lighting, London Lightworks knew Tryka had the breadth of solutions, underpinned by superior quality, to bring the scheme to life. Quality was very important to London Lightworks upon delivering this project as the nature of the gym was that it could be open for 20 hours daily with the lights on.

What Tryka products have been used?

All of the LED strip lighting – 100s of metres of LED in total – has been supplied by Tryka. We worked closely with London Lightworks to prepare samples for approval by the professional team and client.

In the showers Adder120 3000K has been used, while Adder180 3000K and PRO052 in black are also found in the changing rooms. They have been formed into geometric shapes and the drivers are enclosed in the profile due to the lack of ceiling voids. The colour temperature offers a neutral light that feels fresh and inviting in a space with no natural light. 

Tryka’s Adder180 3000k has been used in the corridors, in surface mount profile on the walls and plaster-in profile in the ceiling. Zig zag line shapes have been created with the solution to simulate the logo as well as being built into timber detailing.

In the spin studio and fitness studio, Boa96 RGBW has been used and is controlled via DMX. To add colour changing and washing elements to the main gym ceiling, Stripline45 RGBW has been used. Also in the main gym area, formed into V shapes, Tryka’s Adder180 3000k in PRO008 fulfils that element of the design and makes the space feel much larger.

Project credits:

Client - Ignite Fitness

Architect – [a] sq architecture

Lighting Designer – London Lightworks

Lighting Manufacturer - Tryka

Electrical Contractor – MV Electrical

Neon Signage – ccs neon