LSC Control Systems’ GEN VI ticks the dimming boxes for Germany’s btl

April 21, 2023

Germany – One of the leading rental suppliers in Germany, btl next GmbH, has recently chosen to modernize its dimming inventory with 40 modules of GEN VI dimming from the renowned Australian manufacturer, LSC Control Systems. The Düsseldorf-based company made this major investment through LSC’s exclusive distributor for Germany, LMP Lichttechnik.

Julian Siewertsen, head of btl next’s lighting department, says, "Due to the huge changes in the requirements for dimmers and current distribution, it was clear to us that we had to replace our old system - which technically still dims using the simple phase control and can therefore not replace a real fixed current distribution - with a more universally applicable product.” 

As well as its dimming function, GEN VI can also be used as a full-featured power distributor. Each channel can be configured separately as a (real) relay, for example to safely supply moving lights and LED lighting fixtures with power. GEN VI includes combined RCBOs – using both residual current circuit breakers and two-pole circuit breakers - to protect its 12 channels. In the event of a fault current, only the affected channel will shut down, rather than the entire dimmer pack, offering the user significantly more peace of mind during the production.

After extensive testing of the devices available on the market, the decision was made in favour of LSC’s GEN VI. According to btl next, the versatile GEN VI was particularly convincing because of its Pulse Transformer Fired Dimming (PTFD) feature, which allows even the smallest loads to be dimmed and at the same time results in great weight savings. Other features include its thermally controlled, whisper-quiet fans and its intuitive fingertip control via the 3.2” colour LCD touchscreen or via remote control through LSC’s Houston software.

“The protection via 16A RCBO for each channel and the possibility of converting each channel individually via bypass/relay to a real fixed current channel and, at the same time, being able to place more load on each channel, saves material and time when troubleshooting and also increases the flexibility of application possibilities across different disciplines,” says Siewertsen.

In fact, the GEN VI modules are not limited to use with the lighting system at btl next, but above all with the video department, where they are now often used as fixed current distribution for LED walls.

Siewertsen concludes: “Thanks to the simple operation on the clear touch display, the product was immediately well received by all technicians. GEN VI meets all of our needs for flexibility and performance, giving us the ability to meet almost all of our customers’ needs with just one product.”

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