The LCM AC-DC Series of Cost-effective Enclosed Power Supplies
The LCM AC-DC Series of Cost-effective Enclosed Power Supplies
Artesyn LCM series AC-DC power supplies have built a reputation for outstanding quality and high efficiency at a competitive cost, with safety approvals for industrial and medical equipment.

The quality and reliability of the LCM series is assured through careful component selection, automated production processes, sophisticated circuit design and a digital control loop. Digital control also enables the LCM family to be rapidly and cost-effectively modified to suit the exact needs of your application.

Detailed technical reference notes and outstanding technical support make it easy for you to integrate the LCM series into your design.

Artesyn has invested in the manufacturing of the LCM series to shorten lead times and lower the minimum order quantity for non-stock units. With a range from 300 to 1500 watts, we can now provide for a very wide range of AC-DC embedded power requirement.

Key attributes of power supplies for lighting applications include high efficiency and reliability, small form factor, good regulation, both constant current and constant voltage, ingress protection, ruggedized design and power disturbance immunity. Artesyn’s power solutions encompass these essential traits.
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