Introducing The Smallest Linear Emergency LED Driver On The Market: ACE LEDS’ Mini-Rail™

May 2, 2023
Measuring 0.83x1 inches, Mini-Rail delivers output range of 12-55 Vf for up to 90 minutes of steady current.

Dallas, TX – April 20, 2023

ACE LEDS has introduced the newest evolution of The Rail™ Linear Emergency LED Driver family, The Mini-Rail™. At just 0.83” high and 1” wide, The Mini-Rail™ is the smallest constant power linear emergency LED driver available in the industry, 4.6” shorter in length and 0.17” smaller in height than their already impossibly sleek existing models.

“This next evolution in The Rail™ family of drivers is designed to empower our customer’s ability to innovate,” said Dwayne Hillman, President of ACE LEDS. “The Mini-Rail™ includes all the bells and whistles of our other emergency LED drivers, but it takes up the smallest amount of space possible, allowing for unlimited design applications.”

And it’s not just small, The Mini-Rail™ is powerful.

The linear emergency LED driver was designed to deliver a wide output range of 12-55 Vf, the highest power density available for its size. With other emergency drivers, the supply of incorrect voltage or currents can damage electrical components and make lighting applications appear unstable –– not so with the The Mini-Rail™. The wide output voltage range provides stability and reliability, while its isolated relay design provides a delay of the AC power to the normal LED driver, protecting it from high voltage or high current transients that can occur during the transition from emergency mode to normal mode. Meaning, the Mini-Rail™ is small, powerful, and extremely reliable. 

And like the rest of The Rail™ family of drivers, this constant power driver can keep currents steady for over 90 minutes with no drop off, and uses environmentally safe LiFePO4 batteries that store more energy, deliver more power, weigh less, and have a 7-10 year life expectancy.

ACE LEDS brings you innovation evolved.

The Mini-Rail™ is the latest innovation from ACE LEDS’ Innovation Lab, the testing ground for building new industry solutions to the toughest challenges customers can imagine. Here, the ACE team stretches innovations further, disrupts the industry, and revolutionizes the next generation of lighting opportunities.

For more information about ACE LEDS products and innovations, call ACE LEDS at 800-375-6355 or email [email protected].


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