Lifud Awarded Prize of "Top 10 LED Driver Brands in China Lighting Industry"

June 6, 2022

In the afternoon of May 23rd,Lifud was invited to participate in“2021 China Lighting Industry Brand Conference”with the theme of “showing the brand strength and setting an excellent example in LED industry”. Witnessed by government leaders, industry experts, outstanding manufacturers, eminent distributors, business association representatives, authoritative media representatives and so on, Lifud was awarded the prize of “Top 10 LED Driver Brands in China Lighting Industry in 2021”.

Basically, the strength of an enterprise in all aspects is reflected by its brand. Over the past 15 years, Lifud has always been customer-centered and insists on conducting business based on its brand building. And Lifud anticipates that it can continue creating value for its customers by focusing on the core values of brand, including technology, quality and service to achieve mutual benefit and common growth with its customers.

In addition to “Top 10 LED Driver Brands in China Lighting Industry in 2021”, Lifud has many other honorary titles such as “Top 100 Intelligent Enterprises in 2021”, “Top 10 Lighting Supply Chain Brands in China Lighting Industry in 2021”, “The Most Influential Lighting Brand in 2021”and so on. And we’d appreciate the trust and support of all customers towards Lifud.

As a science-and-technology enterprise, Lifud has always been insisting on technology driving, brand building and service improving, and it is Lifud’s supreme pursuit that is to make energy more efficient and cleaner with its clients.And Lifud anticipates and believes thatLifud and its clientswill have a more brilliant futurethrough their mutual efforts!

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