High Efficiency and Low Cost ? We Can Have This Cake and Eat It!

April 28, 2022
More information about the linear non-isolated LED driver with adjustable power & CCT...

Need to stock a multitude of light fixtures applied in various application scenes in the warehouse but a warehouse with limited space is an inextricable obstacle?

Need to purchase multiple models of LED driver but fail to get more of them because the driver’s cost and the logistics cost are out of your reach?

Want an LED driver with light sensor control function but the one with 12V+light sensor module is not affordable?

All of the mentioned problems can be easily solved by Lifud linear non-isolated industrial lighting LED driver!  

One light fixture applied in different application scenes to set the warehouse free!

Lifud linear non-isolated LED driver can be connected to an exterior DIP switch for the adjustment of power and CCT, and an assembled light fixture equipped with this LED driver can be applied in application scenes with different power and CCT.  

One LED driver with adjustable output current function to reduce purchase cost and logistics cost

The output current of this LED driver can be adjusted via a potentiometer at the top of its casing, and it can be used for light fixtures with various output power, which is conducive to reduce the purchase cost and international logistics cost.  

One light sensor with more than one method to achieve

“Low cost, high compatibility, easy assembly, multiple applications and precise control”

As a nationally patented technology, this new method has a compact-size light sensor which is used for controlling the integrated circuit to achieve light sensor control function instead of the previous 12V connector and a light sensor module. 

Common method used for achieving light sensor control function

Lifud LED driver LF-FAA/FACxxx (light sensor is optional) 

Low cost: it is equipped with light sensor wires and a light sensor connector, and the purchase cost is much less than that of an LED driver with a 12V connector + a light sensor module.  

High compatibility: the light sensor connector is the standard ½G thread connector and matches for the screw holes of mainstream light fixtures on the market.

Easy assembly: the plugging or unplugging wiring method makes the assembly of LED driver easier than before.

Multiple applications: it is equipped with a light sensor cap to make the light sensor control function selectable.

Precise control: 

①The time-delay circuit of light sensor eliminates its maloperation generated by the temporary light change of passing vehicles

②The backlash circuit of light sensor is effective to solve problems such as “backflash”, “flash” and so on when the light sensor control works.  

More design—light fixture with ultra-low residual voltage protection

In addition to the above features, the residual voltage of this LED driver is less than 2kVac owing to its supreme design of nationally patented innovative surge control circuit. And this design can not only reduce the requirements on the withstanding voltage and residual voltage of LED boards and the purchase cost, but protect the aluminum substrate and LED bead of light fixtures and improve their stability.    

Surge level: L-N 4KV, L/N-GND 6KV (LF-FBx100/150)

L-N 6KV, L/N-GND 6KV (LF-FAx100/150/200/240/320)

Product details

- High efficiency up to 96%

- 4 options: non-dimmable; dimmable; dimmable+light sensor control; dimmable+12V AUX power supply

- Conforms to the latest European ErP standard and North American DLC standard

- Certifications: ENEC, CE, CB, RCM, UL, FCC

- Warranty: 5 years

- Applications: shoebox light, flood light, wall light, linear high bay light and grow light

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