New on Lightshift: Manufacturers offer their support to lighting designers free of charge

Sept. 9, 2022 enables designers to seek consulting services with a simple profile inquiry to DIALux members.

As of now, DIAL also offers support in lighting design projects through by industry partners who are drawn from the pool of 190 DIALux members.

It is common practice for luminaire manufacturers and wholesalers to offer consulting and other services. Whether it is the search for a special luminaire, support with a lighting design or the specification of a lighting control system: lighting designers gladly make use of these offers on a regular basis.

But initially finding the right industry partner can cost a lot of time and energy, especially if one has not yet decided on a brand or simply does not know which manufacturer can supply the right product.

Wouldn't it be helpful if a planner could send his requirements as one enquiry directly to a pool of many specialised manufacturers in order to quickly find the right partner? And that free of charge, without obligation and anonymously?

Lightshift now offers you this service! From now on, you can not only assign jobs to freelancers, but you also have the opportunity to get support from our industry partners. And this is how it works:

Lighting designers can simply create a support request on the platform and within a very short time receive suitable offers from which they can choose. The user remains completely anonymous until the order is placed. This service is free of charge.

The customer creates a profile, enters his requirements and receives support proposals. That's it. The request is posted anonymously, and only the contractor receives the contact details. This avoids the risk of "spam" in the inbox.

The following examples show in which use cases industry partners might be the right choice:

Example 1

A lighting designer is looking for a luminaire in a specific color to match the customer's corporate design. No suitable solution can be found in the catalogs of the well-known manufacturers.

Example 2

The client is looking for products to illuminate a historic facade, which is a listed building. Special challenge: very compact dimensions and asymmetrical light distribution. Application in the outdoor area.

Example 3 

A lighting designer can draw on a great deal of experience in designing computer workstations and offices that comply with standards. Now I have the order to plan a school. Here I am looking for support in the implementation of classrooms and their application scenarios. Presentation situation, group work, lecture, etc.

In all these cases, the DIALux members on Lightshift are happy to help. Completely free of charge.

About Lightshift

With Lightshift (, DIAL has created a platform that brings together lighting design experts, industry partners and clients worldwide. The network helps potential clients get their jobs done. Lightshift is an online service available in many countries: clients can post and award jobs to freelancers or industry partners from almost any country or region. Freelancers can access the service in over 40 countries.All players on the platform go through a verification process, and registration is free of charge. Detailed information is available at

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