INFiLED taps dvLED Pro, Rick Bortles as Sr. VP of Strategy for North America

April 28, 2023

Los Angeles, CA April 17, 2023 – INFiLED, a global leader in LED displays, is announcing a transition to the fixed installation market with the hire of Pro LED veteran, Rick Bortles. With over 10 years of experience under his belt in the dvLED field as well as countless high-profile installations globally, Rick, joins the growing INFiLED North America team to grow channel sales.    

“INFiLED has historically been the recognized dvLED leader for live events, virtual production, and rental staging for many years. My goal will be to pave the way for growth in the fixed installation marketplace,” says Sr. VP of Strategy, North America, Rick Bortles. “I live by the motto of “leaving something better than I found it”, and that is my intent at INFiLED. I’m dedicating myself to growing revenue in the fixed installation segments with both the direct and indirect sales channels. INFiLED is perfectly positioned for major growth in this area with a solid product portfolio, and innovations. Stay tuned for more news on additional key staff we’ll be hiring, as well as projects that will spur out of this team of professionals.”

“Our INFiLED North American team has been evolving rapidly, and with the addition of Rick to our team, I’m sure we will see a significant increase. He is widely known as a game-changer in the LED manufacturing community, and that’s exactly what we anticipate with him as our Vice President of Strategy. We welcome Rick to our global team and look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead,” says INFiLED GM, Henry Ambrose.

We invite you to contact with Rick Bortles at [email protected], or via his cell at 404-610-1844.  


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