Azumo Partners with FIH Mobile to Create Efficient, Reflective LCD 2.0™ Devices

Oct. 21, 2022
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Azumo, a display technology company that’s 10 times more energy efficient than traditional backlit LCDs and produces brighter, sharper screen resolution in sunlight, today announced a partnership with FIH Mobile (Ticker:2038.HK), the leading electronic manufacturer in the worldwide mobile device industry, to design and manufacture the next generation of frontlit LCD 2.0™ reflective displays.

As a subsidiary of Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn) (TWSE:2317), the world’s largest electronics manufacturer, FIH Mobile has accumulated extensive knowledge and decades of experience in delivering high-complexity and customized manufacturing solutions, which enable Azumo to scale existing manufacturing capabilities for its reflective frontlit technology at multiple facilities in Mexico and China. To extend the collaboration, the two firms have decided to co-develop the next generation of adaptable LCD 2.0™ products by leveraging their core strengths.

“The future of display technology will be lightweight, battery-efficient, and visible in any light,” said Paul Hsiung, Vice President of FIH Mobile. “Through our partnership with Azumo, we provide access to a responsive supply chain that delivers the future at scale to new customers, new markets, and new battery-powered displays across the increasingly digital world, from smart wearables to automotives, electronic billboards, medical, military devices and beyond.”

By using ambient light to conserve battery life and brighten displays in all lighting conditions, Azumo’s LCD 2.0™ technology helps device makers:

Progress on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives: Azumo’s front lighting technology is 10 times more energy efficient than traditional LCD backlit systems. Easily incorporated into existing manufacturing processes, Azumo’s technology helps create more energy-efficient devices, including tablets, handheld electronics, industrial meters, smartwatches, and more.

Make manufacturing supply chains more resilient: By supplementing Asia-based manufacturing centers with facilities in North America, American firms can diversify their supply chains and make the product development process more accessible to U.S.-based device makers.

Create products suited for the future of work: Reflective LCD 2.0™ displays extend battery life, are lighter than traditional LCD modules and provide clear images day and night, across all lighting conditions. As people spend more time in front of screens than ever before, LCD 2.0™ light emissions are easier and healthier for their eyes.

“Traditional LCD technology is battery-hungry, harsh on the eyes, hard to see outside, and not suited for how we use our devices in 2022,” said Mike Casper, CEO of Azumo. “Together with FIH Mobile, we’re creating displays for devices to go anywhere, last longer, and work better for people and businesses.”

After securing $30 million in funding earlier this year, Azumo continues to grow its international sales and engineering teams, increase global manufacturing capabilities, and develop new LCD 2.0™ products.

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About FIH Mobile Limited

FIH Mobile Limited was established in April 2002 and listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange in February 2005 (Ticker: 2038.HK). As a subsidiary of Hon Hai Technology Group and a leader in the worldwide mobile device industry, FIH Mobile offers vertically integrated, end-to-end design, development, and manufacturing services spanning handsets, mobile and wireless communication devices and consumer electronics products. In recent years, FIH Mobile has leveraged its core strengths in hardware and software to enter the 5G, AI, IoT and IoV (Internet of Vehicle) fields, ultimately building a full internet and mobile ecosystem. To learn more, visit

About Azumo

Azumo is a breakthrough display technology company revolutionizing a $130 billion industry. Its LCD 2.0™ reflective technology is the first in a generation of high-performance displays that improve user experience and battery life for end-users in consumer, medical, industrial, educational, and automotive markets. Azumo’s ultra-thin light transmission technology has 47 patents and enables 10 times the battery savings compared to traditional LCDs. It combines high video rate capability with superior readability in bright sunlight conditions to eliminate glare. With a range of 1″-17″ in size, Azumo displays can easily integrate into any device. For more information on Azumo, visit