Step out of the shadows with ModiFly by Ledalite

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A new lighting design action hero has burst onto the scene. 
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Agile and sophisticated, ModiFly is the latest must-have for every lighting designers’ toolkit. Maximize your design flexibility with industry-leading articulating corners. These allow you to create endless layout possibilities, offering your clients the ultimate tailored solution. 
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Flexibility is also key in installation. With open ceiling configurations, often HVAC and other building mechanics are installed slightly differently than configured – this can get in the way of your finely tuned lighting design.  With articulating corners, it’s easy to adjust onsite during installation.


Watch the ModiFly video to heighten the experience:

Adding to the flexibility are other striking design elements. Lumen packages are specifiable in 125 lumen per foot increments, continuous rows are available in 1 ft increments and there are 6 standard housing colors available – including some exciting new metallic finishes. All of these options combine to make ModiFly the versatile solution that every designer needs. 
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Combined with these fantastic features, you will also find the dependable sidekicks that you’ve come to expect from Ledalite: High optical performance, low glare and the backing of Interact control systems make ModiFly a choice you cannot resist.


They say heroes aren’t born, they’re created…
Start your adventure now… with ModiFly.

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