Signify Smart Cities Advisory Council to help cities accelerate smart city transformation

June 20, 2019

On June 27, in conjunction with the US Conference of Mayors annual meeting, we are hosting an inaugural Signify Smart City Advisory Council.


Together with Mayor Shirley Franklin of Atlanta, GA, Mayor Michael Nutter of Philadelphia, PA, Mayor Mick Cornett of Oklahoma City, OK and Mayor William Bell of Birmingham, AL we will deep dive into the pain points of today’s mayors and the practical, effective strategies for smart city programs. The mayors will address the pressing issues of the day and how to accelerate smart city projects. After all, who better understands how to help a city thrive than a group of esteemed former mayors who know intimately the needs and aspirations of its citizens, visitors and local businesses?



US cities are facing a variety of challenges today that seem inversely proportional. Growing populations, but limited resources. Greater demand for civic services, but constrained budgets. Exciting new innovations, but alarmingly aging infrastructure.



While there is growing urgency to address these issues, there’s also greater opportunity to find workable solutions through increased collaboration between the public and private sectors. We know that light plays a critical role in solving these issues and creating positive change for cities across the country.

With the expertise and input of the Smart City Advisory Council, we can make progress that, even if incremental, the positive impact grows exponentially. And those are the kinds of proportions that everyone can get behind.