ClearAppeal and SofTrace Gen 2 share common housing to simplify your luminaire selection

May 31, 2019

We are happy to inform you that Day-Brite / CFI ClearAppeal and SofTrace recessed luminaires have been improved to better meet your needs. Featuring increased efficiency, easier lens installation, built-in air return, and integral controls options, these products now also share a common housing as an added bonus, for job flexibility. This gives you the peace of mind that you've specified the right luminaire for the job, while still providing a range of options. Save the hassle of comparing troffer after troffer, and just choose either of these specification luminaires for the architecture you want and the versatility you need.  


Same look, more to offer

The ClearAppeal lens or the ribbed or smooth SofTrace lens have been redesigned to be full-width lenses and share the same common housing unit. The lenses slide in with ease and provide uniform soft illumination, so occupants can enjoy a comfortable atmosphere. The traditional hinged door frame has been replaced with an innovative retention spring mechanism to self-center the lens and to allow quick removal or replacement. Maintenance access to the driver and boards is still accommodated from below with the added benefit of ensuring the lens is optically centered in the luminaire aperture and providing the best aesthetic and performance. Highly efficient and long-life LED technology helps to reduce energy-related costs, while dimming and optional integral controls provide additional savings.

•        Both luminaires available in 1x4, 2x2, and 2x4

•        Standard & high efficacy models available

•        Full-width luminous lens for smooth comfortable lighting

•        Families combine to offer 3 lens choices

•        Air return functionality is standard on all sizes/models

•        Integral controls options include:

                   SpaceWise DT
                    Interact Pro

                   Interact Office

•        Ideal for office, institutional, and healthcare applications where energy savings and a customized atmosphere are desired


A shared common housing simplifies your luminaire selection process without limiting your aesthetic options. So don't waste any more time and spec ClearAppeal or SofTrace and enjoy the results.