Hyperspectral Imaging Calibration

Jan. 4, 2019

Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) is an exciting and rapidly expanding area of instruments and technology in passive remote sensing. Due to quickly changing applications, the instruments are evolving to suit new uses and there is a need for consistent definition, testing, characterization and calibration.

Labsphere and industry colleagues seek to outline a broad prescription and appropriate recommendations for basic specification, testing and characterization. This must be done on Visible Near Infra-Red grating-based sensors in order to provide calibrated absolute output and performance (or at a minimum, relative performance) that will suit the user’s task.

To learn more about research and recommendations on HSI testing, contact Labsphere or read about our work in SPIE Publication 986004: Best practices in passive remote sensing VNIR hyperspectral system hardware calibrations (Authors: Joseph JablonskiChristopher Durell; Terrence Slonecker; Kwok Wang; Blair Simon; Andrew Eichelberger; Jacob Osterberg)