Dec. 28, 2018

With all the industry buzz about the Internet of Things (IoT) it’s hard to parse through what is truly revolutionary and what is just a new way of doing the same old thing. Is replacing your wall switch with a remote control app in your smart phone really going to change the way one uses light and the Internet? Is it revolutionary to turn your lights on and off? Probably not. Is it revolutionary to set a timer to turn your lights on and off? Again, probably not. These standard lighting features have been around for decades, and migrating them to our ever present smart phones is at best a convenience and at worst a passing fad. There are truly too few companies who are thinking far enough outside the box to fully utilize the IoT revolution that is sweeping across multiple industries, including our own: Lighting.

Lighting is so ubiquitous and so ever present that it was the first industry to jump onto the IoT bandwagon. The obvious features were the ones that every user of illumination needs: on/off/dim, followed by the slightly more advanced feature set of scheduling timers and scenes for specific utility. The next step is going to be power metering and health monitoring, and there are already a few companies who are establishing a foothold in this next frontier. That is the first step toward a truly value-added application. However, the final frontier is going to be to provide real time data and applicable analytics that only a deep IoT framework can provide.

One of the companies providing in-depth research and development into this final frontier is American Bright. American Bright has closely monitored the last few years of progress regarding IoT in the lighting space and found a revolutionary application extension that not only provides the standard ante up feature set of lighting control, but goes far beyond what one would normally expect from an OEM Lighting manufacturer: deep, personalized connectivity and adaptive analytics.

Picture walking into your home or office and tapping your NFC (near field communications) capable smart phone on your American Bright Gateway and having not only your lighting set to your needs, but your music or TV channel set, your coffee brewing, and the climate control system adapting to your personal tastes! The breadth and width of controllable appliances is limitless, and this is only one application of the pioneering technology American Bright is developing.

Another application American Bright will be demonstrating at this year’s light fair (booth 3951) will be a specific feature set for the retail environment. Using an American Bright Gateway with the addition of a newly developed CCD camera and American Bright’s platform, the system can recognize gender and age as well, helping steer customers to products and services that would be of the most interest to them.

This application for IoT is where simple lighting controls intersect with the full potential of a Cloud-based data analytic platform and an adaptation-featured rich environment seamlessly melds with our day-to-day lives bringing true value. There is nothing wrong with an on/off/dim/schedule, but why settle when you can take it to the next level and truly venture into the final frontier. – Make It So!


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