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Docter Optics – Turning Ideas into Components

Docter Optics is an international leading producer of molded optical components with complex surface geometries or regular contours. Special process technology developed by Docter Optics is clearly superior to the conventional technology used to produce such components and is especially suitable for high-volume production.

Docter Optics offers a range of services along the entire value chain, including everything from co-development to industrial-scale production and after-market support. When it comes down to the bottom line, Docter Optics gives clients access to the resources it takes for economic development and production of custom solutions.

Core Competence: Automotive Solutions

Docter Optics is the world market leader when it comes to the industrial-scale production of aspheres and free-form lenses for automotive projection headlights (halogen, HID, LED and laser) and supplies all well-known headlight manufacturers in Europe, Asia and the United States.

Precision Glass Components

Docter Optics employs a series of different processes to produce the optical elements required for a host of applications in other areas of industry, and all of these processes have several things in common – precision, speed and exceptional economy.

Optical Systems

Companies throughout the world regularly turn to Docter Optics for the development and production of optoelectronic and optomechanical subassemblies as well as special-purpose lenses. Docter Optics has qualified for many certifications and of course also holds approvals for the production of medical biometric appliances.

EGS - Express Glass Services

Customers throughout the world have come to count on the Docter Optics EGS business for semi-finished optical products, prototypes or small production runs in a wide range of different materials – optical glass, filter glass, ceramic glass or quartz glass. This versatility is made possible by a suite of production equipment and resources that only EGS can offer.
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