Billion Electric smart street lighting controller receives 2017 Taiwan Excellence Award

Jan. 12, 2017
Billion Electric, a leading global technology and IoT solutions provider, announces that the company’s Smart Street Lighting Control and Management System (LCMS) is prized with the 25th Taiwan Excellence Award hosted by the Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs. Following the prestigious recognition, the company also unveils new PLC Lighting Control Box - SG7501 using the ANSI C136.41 dimming receptacle designed for open installation at street light nodes, as well as the LCMS Surge Protection Device– SG1300 to protect the network from any strong surge.

Serving as a transceiver transmitting data to PLC communication gateway over AC power line, SG7501 also plays as an end-point controller installed at the top of a street light, enabling administrators to make dimming and relay on/off remotely through the simple wiring (power and dimming wires). Interfacing with the international standard – ANSI C136.41 Dimming Receptacle, SG7501 makes exceptional power saving available for global cities and municipalities through the intelligent dimming control.

• Communicate over AC power line
• Remote lighting switch on/off functionality
• Dimming adjustment 10% ~ 100 %
• Measure AC output for
o Voltage
o Current
o Power Consumption.
• Compatible with ANSI C136.41 Standard.
• IP-65 compliant rugged design for high level of protection against dust and water

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SG1300 is a high-level PSD installed before each Intelligent Power Line Lighting Control Box (SG7500 or SG7501) and other PLC devices to ensure the correct current metering and the system's precision by protecting the network from the high surge.

• Max Load Current:4 Amp
• Nominal Discharge Current:5KA (10 * 8/20us waveform)
• Max. Discharge Current:10KA (1 * 8/20us waveform)
• Protection Level (1.2/50us):
o Differential Mode (Line to Line):10KV
o Common Mode (Line to Earth):10KV
• Compact and modest model size
• IP-65 compliant rugged design for high level of protection against dust and water

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Jesse Chen, Marketing Strategist - Billion Electric Co. Ltd.