DimOnOff smart city management system selected for City of Montreal smart street light conversion project

Aug. 30, 2016
Quebec – DimOnOff was recently awarded the City of Montreal Smart public lighting project. Together with the winning Team composed of Energere, an energy service company, Current powered by GE, Telematics Wireless and Zone TI, members of this all-star Team will each be supplying hardware components and services for this major deployment. DimOnOff's SCMS (Smart City Management System) was selected as the best platform to integrate multiple vendors into a single state-of-the-art user interface and scalable Big Data management system designed for the IoT for Smart Cities.

“We are proud to help Montreal strive as the reference for Smart and Digital Cities. This $28M project will harness innovative technologies in the development of a smart and sustainable city, in harmony with the City’s vision.” stated Bernard Têtu, president of DimOnOff. The project will create a scalable infrastructure initially managing over 135,000 fixtures in addition to other Smart City sensors and actuators. DimOnOff’s open API has already enabled several third-party applications to easily interface to the SCMS and many more are coming in the future to create a complete IoT ecosystem for Smart Cities.

By integrating this project into its sustainable development objectives, the City lays the foundation of a communication network architecture enabling the gradual integration of additional smart services for the benefit of its citizens. The system will consist of radio modules called “nodes” attached to each luminaire, which will communicate with each other to form a network. Commands and data will be conveyed to the same network and transmitted to lighting management software through boxes called “gateways” located throughout the City region.

“Through such a system, the public will enjoy an improved lighting service that is safe and suited to the lifestyle of a large metropolitan city,” said Benoit Trottier, Project Director at Energere. “In fact, this smart management system will enable immediate intervention in case of luminaire malfunction, and by extension, better maintenance planning”, he continued. Not only will inventories be managed more effectively, but the luminaires’ power consumption will be precisely monitored and the energy bill adjusted accordingly. These substantial advantages will allow the City to achieve significant energy savings, as well as optimize the management of the public lighting network. The latter will benefit from a scalable platform offering various functions, including the ability to adjust the lighting for special events or to announce certain services, such as snow removal.

Within a very competitive pool of bidders, Energere, a Quebec company leading in the field of energy services, was awarded this ambitious project. “We are very proud to have been able to participate in this rigorous bidding process for the City of Montreal”, stated Catherine Roy-Cardin, Business Development Manager at Energere. “All our efforts were united in order to obtain maximum points in each step of the process; we put together a high-quality technical proposal, presented a test bed to demonstrate the integration and interoperability of the systems and developed the best financial offer,” she explained.

About DimOnOff
DimOnOff develops and manufactures Remote management system to Control, Monitor and Meter light fixtures of all types as well as other assets for the Municipal and Commercial markets. Founded in 2006, its headquarters are located in Quebec city, QC Canada. Since its creation, thousands of its products were sold and delivered in Canada and US. Offering a complete end to end solution including a very scalable GIS software platform, rollout management tools and hardware, DimOnOff is a one stop shop for your Smart City assets.


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