Osram's compact OSTAR module offers 120 lumen output

Oct. 22, 2004
Date Announced: 22 Oct 2004 Osram Opto Semiconductors has introduced the new OSTAR compact high-power LED module, offering more than 120 lumens output and measuring 3x1 centimeters.Because of its tiny size and ability to emit such bright light, the OSTAR LED is predicted to affect the future miniaturization of many forms of projectors. The OSTAR's low-profile package also makes it usable in mobile illumination applications. OSTAR's light source consists of one red, one blue and two green thin-film chips, a ceramic carrier for interconnection and thermal management, and supporting passive electronics to provide reliable protection against "over voltage" and over heating. By virtue of Osram's thin-film technology, virtually all of OSTAR's generated light comes through the top of the chip. Osram also has in-depth competence in precision chip placement manufacturing.As a result, OSRAM OSTAR's brightness, uniform light and low-profile make it ideal for use in mini-projection units that may be no larger than a deck of cards. In all instances, the precise positioning of the OSTAR chips and the compact arrangement ensure that light is distributed evenly over an enlarged projected image. In addition, a projector equipped with the OSTAR LED has a fast rise-time requiring no warm-up time. The superior thermal management of the OSTAR makes it exceptionally efficient with maintaining low junction temperature of the chip, and requires no active cooling using a fan. The OSTAR LED can produce a wide range of saturated colors and complies with both NTSC and the PAL video standards. OSTAR's exacting beam characteristics can be applied in medical applications as well as in automotive products such as head-up displays and headlights. In short, the OSTAR technological break-through will enable many new LED market applications to proceed, which require high-power thin-film LED technology packaged in a compact emitting area.

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