Seoul Semiconductor develops LED lamp for AC power

Dec. 16, 2004
Date Announced: 16 Dec 2004 The Korean LED manufacturer Seoul Semiconductor (SSC) has developed a driver for an LED lamp than can operate directly from an AC power supply, without the need for an AC-DC converter. The driver is designed to be used in connection with a general AC power supply to provide power to a single high-luminosity LED lamp manufactured by Seoul Opto-Device, an SSC subsidiary that supplies LED lamps and chips.SSC says that it has filed patents in countries throughout the world, and will hold a product demonstration in January 2005. The company hopes that its patent protection will provide exclusivity in this market for several years.SSC plans to supply the new product to the illumination market, and is targeting sales of up to six hundred million dollars after the demonstration next month. While LED lamps currently use a low voltage DC supply, the ability to use an AC power supply is expected to open up new opportunities for LEDs in the illumination market. SSC says that eliminating the AC-DC converter and using efficient packaging processes could reduce the sales price by around 50%. At the same time, the size of fixtures can be reduced considerably.

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