LEDtronics announces direct replacement LED bulbs

Dec. 1, 2004
Date Announced: 01 Dec 2004 LEDtronics® announces Series B618/619 Single-Contact and Series DB618/619 Double-Contact 15mm Bayonet Based 18-LED and 19-LED Lamps for direct replacement of incandescent bulbs #310 and #312. Direct incandescent replacement 15mm bayonet based LED lamps incorporate optical-grade epoxy, advanced LED technologies, and standard single-contact or double-contact bayonet bases.These sunlight-visible lamps are available in 18-LED and 19-LED models. Two light emitting angles (12°-15° and 20°-30°) are offered standard; custom viewing angles are available. Choose voltages from 12V to 28V AC or DC. Eighteen-LED and 19-LED lamps draw between 1.0W to 1.7W of power. Colors available are Green, White, Blue, Yellow and Red (630nm). Infrared lamps are offered in wavelengths of 850nm, 880nm and 940nm. Due to their solid-state construction, LEDtronics LEDs lamps are ideal for applications that are subjected to vibration, shock and environmental stress, all which reduce the life of incandescent lamps. LEDs feature almost instantaneous turn-on and turn-off without transients. Applications include indicators for process controls, aircraft instrumentation, elevator panels, automobile lighting (brake/turn/backup signals), architectural and decor applications, train doors, aircraft reading lights, medical and scientific equipment, panel mount indicator lamps and other instances where long-lived, energy-efficient light sources are required or when personal safety depends on a reliable light or status indicator. LED lamps last 30 - 50 times longer that the incandescent lamps they replace, and their low-current, high-efficiency operation delivers power savings of 80% - 90% or more. Additionally, LED lamps produce little or no heat resulting in lighted panels and switches that are cool-to-the-touch unlike those lit by incandescent lamps. LED technology with its inherent energy efficiency makes an excellent accompaniment to photovoltaic-based energy systems. With an average life span of 100,000-plus hours (11 years), LEDs operate reliably year after year and are virtually maintenance free. Prices for Series B618/691 Single-Contact and Series DB618/619 Double-Contact 15mm Bayonet Based LED lamps range from $25 to $45.00 each, depending on the model and LED color. Quantity discounts are offered. Availability is 4 - 6 weeks. Samples are available for qualified customers.

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