LightTools 5.1 enables modeling of flat-panel display backlights

Nov. 25, 2004
Date Announced: 25 Nov 2004 LightTools® Version 5.1 by Optical Research Associates is the first illumination design and analysis program to enable easy and accurate modeling of sophisticated backlights for flat panel displays. LEDs are used as the light source to backlight most small LCD displays, such as those found in cell phones and cordless phones. Because the LED is nearly a point source, it's difficult to get even illumination across the entire display, so manufacturers have started to use very complicated diffusers made up of arrays of tiny bumps to spread the light out. This is the first software tool that enables accurate analysis of the most advanced diffusers currently in use.The powerful LightTools® Version 5.1 software package can simulate the surface textures used for backlights, with built-in flexibility to vary the shape, size, and spacing of the texture elements. Complex texture configurations are made possible by mathematical methods, including Bezier and polynomial expressions, and also by the capability to import placement data created by external programs. These types of varied textured surfaces are commonly used in backlights for a number of flat panel applications, including televisions, computer monitors, cell phones, and automobile instrumentation.LightTools 5.1 also adds significant functionality for stray light analysis through the use of enhanced filter capabilities. Added filters, enhanced Boolean operations, and the ability to group filters gives the user much greater flexibility in specifying which rays are collected and displayed. In addition, LightTools 5.1 includes the ability to specify surface zones that allow "active" areas to be interlaced to create two-dimensional patterns. This capability is particularly useful for the design of RGB displays.With over 40 years of success as an industry leader, Optical Research Associates (ORA®) is committed to delivering innovative solutions to the optics industry. With its CODE V® and LightTools software products, ORA is the world's leading developer of optical software. ORA is also the largest independent supplier of optical design and engineering services, with more than 4,200 completed projects since the company was founded in 1963.

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