Linear's boost converter is ideal as high current LED driver

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7714 0 main Date Announced: 17 Nov 2004

Linear Technology Corporation (Milpitas, CA) announces the LT3479, a current mode, fixed frequency step-up DC/DC converter with an internal 3A, 42V switch.

It operates from an input voltage range of 2.5V to 24V making it suitable for applications with input sources ranging from a single cell Li-Ion to a 20V wall adapter.

Both inputs of the error amplifier are available to the user, permitting use as a boost converter or an inverter. Its 42V switch enables outputs as large as + 40V. It can also drive two high current white LEDs (in series) with current as high as 700mA from a single Li-Ion cell.

In addition, its switching frequency can be programmed, via a single resistor, between 300kHz and 3.5MHz, enabling the designer to minimize external component sizes and avoid "noise critical" frequency bands in the system. A tiny/low profile inductor and ceramic capacitors keep solution footprints very compact while minimizing solution cost.

The LT3479's low VCESAT switch, 0.3V at 2.5A, delivers efficiencies of up to 89%. The device features a programmable soft-start function to limit inductor current during start-up as well as inrush current protection to protect the LT3479 during shorts and line transients. The low profile (0.75mm) 14-pin, 4mm x 3mm DFN-14 package provides excellent thermal performance in a small footprint. The LT3479 is also available in a thermally enhanced 16-pin TSSOP package.

Both the LT3479EDE in a 4mm x 3mm DFN-14 package and the LT3479EPE TSSOP-16E version are available from stock. Pricing for both package options starts at $3.00 each for 1,000-piece quantities.

Summary of Features: LT3479
* Wide Input Voltage Range: 2.5V to 24V
* 3A, 42V Internal Switch
* High Efficiency Power Conversion: Up to 89%
* Integrated Soft-Start
* Frequency Set by External Resistor: 200kHz to 3.5MHz
* Device Protected Against Input Short Circuits and Hot Plugging
* Low VCESAT Switch: 0.3 V at 2.5 A (Typical)
* Capable of Positive and Negative Outputs
* Available in Thermally Enhanced 14-Lead (4mm x 3mm) DFN-14 and 16-Lead TSSOP Packages

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