Flat panel measurement system combines view angle and spatial uniformity analysis

Nov. 15, 2004
Date Announced: 15 Nov 2004 Radiant Imaging's new Flat Panel Measurement System is the first instrument capable of delivering uniformity measurements as a function of viewing angle for displays of up to 1.7 m x 1 m in size. This is a critical capability for R&D measurements of flat panel displays (FPDs) for virtually every end use market, including the PC and television segments. The PM-FPMS? combines an imaging photometer with a goniometric motion system, and includes Radiant Imaging's ProMetric® 8 software. The system can produce qualitative display images, as well as an extensive variety of quantitative plots, such as isoplots, CIE color analyses and radar plots, for any sampling area size and view angle; the measurements accurately eliminate the effect of the view angle to the camera. In addition, the system can even perform mura defect detection. In contrast, previous instruments, based on either a scanned spot detector or a Fourier lens system, can only provide data for a single spot size, and don't produce data on display spatial uniformity. The PM-FPMS is targeted primarily at developers of LCD, PDP, OLED and LED displays, as well as LED, CCFL and lamp-based backlights. It includes a fully integrated motion control system to speed testing. Radiant Imaging, Inc., founded in 1981, is the worldwide leader in imaging systems for light and color measurement, and illumination engineering tools and services. Radiant Imaging's technologies are focused on providing lighting and display system manufacturers with enhanced design capabilities, greater product development efficiency, improved manufacturing productivity and increased competitive effectiveness in the world marketplace. Radiant Imaging's three major product areas are the ProMetric® light and color measurement systems, Radiant Sources® light source characterization systems and source data, and Application Engineering Services to support development of application-specific solutions incorporating ProMetric® technology.

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