Agilent's 4 & 5 mm oval-pattern LEDs target outdoor signs and signals

Nov. 8, 2004
Date Announced: 08 Nov 2004 Agilent Technologies Inc. has expanded its line of extra-bright InGaN (indium gallium nitride) LEDs for the outdoor electronic sign and signals market by adding new devices in 4 mm (T-1) and 5 mm (T-1 3/4) domed through-hole packages with oval radiation patterns. These are the company's brightest InGaN LEDs, with brightness equivalent to the industry's leading supplier. The combination of high brightness and weather-resistant packaging with an oval radiation pattern makes these LEDs ideal for applications such as full-color outdoor video displays, stadium scoreboards and other variable message signs. "These products add to our growing family of industry-leading extra-bright InGaN LED lamps," said Soo-Ghee Lee, vice president and general manager of the Optoelectronic Products Division in Agilent's Semiconductor Products Group. "As a market leader, we offer our customers the highest-quality LEDs, with innovative packaging in volume and at competitive prices." The oval-shaped radiation pattern casts a wider field-of-view with a higher luminosity than standard LEDs, making the devices ideal for outdoor applications where readability in sunlight is essential. These lamps have very smooth, matched radiation patterns, ensuring consistent color mixing in full-color applications and uniformity across the viewing angle of the sign. Agilent's blue and green LEDs are based on the most efficient and cost-effective flip-chip InGaN material technology. The 470 nm typical dominant wavelength for blue and 521 nm typical wavelength for green are well suited to color mixing in full-color signs. These extra-bright InGaN lamps feature Agilent's most advanced through-hole packaging technology to ensure maximum light extraction from the die. The die is attached within the reflector cavity, and the cavity is encapsulated by Agilent's proprietary epoxy ultraviolet-resistant blend. This means the lamps perform with high reliability over the -40 deg.C to +85 deg.C temperature range and are protected from UV radiation and humid environments. These LEDs are specifically optimized for full-color video and information signs and include the following features:HLMP-AB86/87, HLMP-AM86/87 (5 mm): * Suitable for 15 mm to 34 mm full-color pixel assemblies* Available in InGaN blue and green* Viewing angle of 30-degree by 70-degree oval* Luminous intensity of 520 mcd (min.), 1500 mcd (max.) for blue (at 20 mA)* Luminous intensity of 2500 mcd (min.), 7200 mcd (max.) for green (at 20 mA) HLMP-LB17/LM17 (4 mm): * Ideal for 12 mm to 18 mm full-color pixel assemblies* Available in InGaN blue and green* Viewing angle of 40-degree by 100-degree oval* Luminous intensity of 400 mcd (min.), 1150 mcd (max.) for blue (at 20 mA)* Luminous intensity of 680 mcd (min.), 1900 mcd (max.) for green (at 20 mA) Pricing of the Agilent extra-bright oval-pattern LED lamps is $0.40 each in one million-piece quantities. Samples and production quantities (four-week guaranteed lead-time) are available now through Agilent's direct sales channel and worldwide distribution partners.

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