LED2 Solutions completes largest LED lighting retrofit in Kansas City area

May 21, 2014
LED2 Solutions, a leading LED lighting manufacturer, has flipped a switch in Kansas City’s lighting industry. Recently selected for an extensive lighting retrofit at the areas largest supermarket, 888 International Market in Overland Park, KS, LED2 Solutions is working to reduce energy and operating costs for business and homeowners. LED’s supply a comfortable atmosphere for customers and are environmentally friendly, therefore lowering maintenance costs amongst other benefits.

LED2 Solutions implementation at 888 International Market will reduce energy and operating costs, provide a better quality of lighting for displaying produce and products and is much more inviting to shoppers. To date, this project is the largest LED retrofit in the Kansas City area. By replacing thousands of existing fluorescent tubes and bulbs with their new state-of-the-art products, LED2 Solutions will save 888 Int’l Market an estimated $49,000 in annual electricity savings each year and more than $450,000 throughout the life of the LED lamps.
View project photos here http://www.led2solutions.com/solutions/888-international-market-2/

Founded in 2012 by University of Iowa student, Martin Zhang, and his need to expose a class project to the masses, came the idea of broadcasting information on a large LED display board on campus. Captivated by the untapped LED industry, Zhang found himself researching products, manufacturers and began attending lighting expos and conferences. A native of China, Zhang relied on hometown family and friends for industry connections, insight and support. After seeing the market potential, Zhang created LED2 Solutions from his college apartment. After graduation, he moved to Kansas City for an interim job and began prospecting future clients. Here he partnered up with friends Kyle Drumhiller and Josh Schroeder, and in 2013 all three quit their cubicle-farm day jobs and propelled LED2 Solutions to the next level.

In today’s energy efficient marketplace, LED2 Solutions assists businesses and homeowners in finding the best lighting solution for their environment. With a unique trademarked product line, featuring Design Lights Consortium and Energy Star performance certifications, LED2’s users can obtain rebates including those from Kansas City Power & Light Company. Lighting accounts for nearly 50 percent of a monthly utility bill for business owners in an office setting and 20 percent for the average homeowner.

With the ability to supply a wide spectrum of superior LED applications including street lights, linear tubes, panel lights and down lighting, LED2 Solutions is a quickly becoming a leader in the industry, and poised to make a national impact.


Josh Schroeder - LED2 Solutions