Semlight's high-power LED stadium light replaces 1000-2000W HPS and MH lighting

May 12, 2014
Semlight introduces a super high power LED stadium light. The light source leverages high power Bridgelux LEDLED chips, chip-on-board (COB) packaging technology, and low p-n junction temperature, the LED stadium light displays low light decay and achieves high luminous efficiency and long life.

The maximum luminous efficacy can be up to 130 lm/W.
LED luminous efficiency options: 110-130 lm/W
CRI 65,THD 15%
CCT includes: PW: 5500-6000K, NW: 4000-4500K, WW: 3000-3500K
Dimmable, one dimmer controls 100 PCS dimmable LED stadium lights
IP67, suitable for outdoor lighting

The light body is made with section aluminum of high quality. The cover of the light is toughened glass. In the heat dissipation structure design, the surface of the heat sink is anodized. It has passed CE certification and is waterproof at the junction of the fittings. It is available in silver, gray and black. Work temp. is -40°~55°.

Application: With waterproof performance, it is useful for both indoor and outdoor lighting: Large advertisement signboards for outdoor use, tunnels, playgrounds, gymnasiums, exhibition halls, highway toll stations, gas stations, supermarkets, workshops, storehouses, passages of residential communities, etc.

Semlight is a market-leading innovator of LED safety lighting products, electronic thermal material and a provider of ultra-high-power lighting solutions.


Jimmy Wu, General manager - Semlight