Sansi introduces 10W LED A-lamp model as 100W incandescent replacement

May 27, 2014
The 2014 Sansi Press Conference was held on April 26, 2014 to unveil its revolutionary 10W LED bulb in replacement of the 100W incandescent bulb, an astounding low power never before achieved in lighting history.

The event was witnessed by over 200 attendees including 3 academics from the Chinese Academy of Science and Engineering; Xiangshan Conference Secretary-General Yang Bingxin, SANSI President Chen Bishou and other highly esteemed professionals and experts in the industry including members from the media.

SANSI General Manager, Mr. Wang Huafeng introduced guests with a brief history of Sansi and its developments in the industry. Sansi first started its research and development plan of high quality LED bulbs in January of 2012.

The first phase of this plan was completed by successfully producing a 40W LED bulb replacement, while the second phase mainly focused on the development of 100W LED bulb. He shared the many technical challenges met by Sansi in order to achieve the 10W LED bulb. This included needing to simultaneously address high luminous efficacy, wide light distribution, superior heat dissipation performance all into a requested A19 bulb size.

SANSI Deputy General Manager, Mr Wang Yinghua proceeded to share the potential markets with the launch of this groundbreaking 10W LED bulb. This product was a symbol that embodied 21 years of Sansi’s strong R&D capabilities and long standing experience in the industry. Sansi managed to overcome all technical challenges, achieving a total lumen output of 1600 lumen with a 270 degree light distribution, having a lifetime of 40,000 hours all while running at an astonishing power of only 10 watts.

In comparison to other international brands who also carry LED replacement bulbs, Sansi’s 10W LED bulb saves twice as much energy while joint temperature is maintained at 45 degrees Celsius, a great advantage from the general joint temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. Other significant features include a ceramic heat sink design for superior heat dissipation, an optimized IC power supply design, and a two-level omni-directional LED chip layout. The Sansi 10W LED bulb will be ready for mass production by May 2014.

Guests were invited to visit the Shanghai Sansi R&D Center at Jiashan production line facility and Sansi Systems Laboratory at headquarters. Here they saw Sansi’s LED Medical Surgical Shadowless Lamp prototype with a CRI of up to 97% and a stunning 1.66mm pitch LED full color display.


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