Illumis Lights awarded Energy Star Certified Subcomponents Database status for GU24 A-lamps

May 27, 2014
Illumis Lights has been awarded Certified Subcomponent Database (CSD) status for its 80+CRI GU24 A lamps.

Placement on the database means lighting fixture manufacturers can use the lamps to help reduce the time, effort and cost of achieving Energy Star certification for their lighting products -- and get them to market faster.

The GU24 is available in two CRI versions -- both are energy-efficient, dimmable and omnidirectional (with a 300 degree beam angle) and have lumen maintenance of 97.5% after 6,000 hours, giving a 50,000-hour projected lifetime. Both lamps efficiently emit more than 800 lumens. The 90 CRI lamps consume 13.6 watts, while the 80 CRI lamps consume just 11.7 watts, making both fantastic replacements for incandescent bulbs.

“We’re one of the few manufacturers able to offer such lamps, making them extremely attractive to customers and demonstrating our desire to support them in every way we can,” said Illumis Lights CEO Kevin Bayes.

“What’s more, the lamps currently meet Californian Title 24 regulations and, when these change from 1 July, our 90+CRI GU24 will satisfy the new code. Again, it will be one of a very small number of lamps on the market to do so, removing any concerns that our customers may have about being left with out-of-date components on their shelves or in their fixtures.”

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