AtomSvet LED lighting fixtures go underground on Russian construction site

May 13, 2014
In 2013 the Russian manufacturer of LED lighting fixtures AtomSvet LLC successfully completed a large-scale project of complete lighting modernization on SMU-1 Metrostroy working site (a part of Metrostroy group of companies). AtomSvet specialists have installed more than 400 AtomSvet® Plant LV LED luminaries on the construction site of the branch leading to Lublinsko-Dmitrovskoye depot. Complete modernization involved the replacement of existing lighting system based on LON-95 incandescent bulbs.

A prior test trial of AtomSvet luminaries on the site has shown their high quality and reliability. Test results have shown that the payback period of the new lighting fixtures is about 7 months on the site of the 1.3 km tunnel. Savings which became possible due to the modernization are about 2.5 million rubles.

The AtomSvet® Plant LV series of luminaries is specifically designed for the use at sites with complicated operating conditions. The luminaries are characterized by a long service life, minor variations of luminous flux over time, a wide range of luminous intensity curves, and high-level protection against various contaminants.

Igor Rudenok, chief power engineer of SMU-1 Metrostroy, told about complete satisfaction with implemented modernization. He noted that AtomSvet products has proved themselves in the best way during test trials, and the replacement of incandescent bulbs with LED luminaries significantly improved the illumination quality and degree on the construction site. The chief power engineer added that AtomSvet LED luminaries have shown high reliability and stable functioning in an almost 100% humidity environment. This feature is extremely important in the conditions of underground construction. “Certainly -- summarizes Igor Rudenok -- the modernization significantly reduced the lighting network service and maintenance costs, as well as provided an opportunity to ensure safety on the construction site.”

About the companies

AtomSvet is a Russian manufacturer and developer of LED lighting equipment and automated lighting control systems. Today he company specialists are able to perform the full range of works related to design and manufacturing of LED lighting equipment. In addition, the company offers optimized solutions for modernization of lighting systems to achieve energy efficiency on a Customer site. AtomSvet implements the turnkey projects taking into account all the requirements of the Customer.

The company LED lighting fixtures range include the following:
lighting of low-voltage network facilities;
lighting of areas characterized by the increased degree of explosion hazard;
lighting of any Housing and Utility Sector facilities, roads, sidewalks etc.;
specialized sports facilities lighting;
efficient lighting in the most unfavorable environmental conditions.

AtomSvet is the sole Russian manufacturer which products carry CE and GS certificates.

The use of materials and component parts from globally-recognized manufacturers makes AtomSvet equipment reliable. The company has implemented strict and multiple-level production monitoring system, which guarantees production quality. Since 2012 the company has been offering the services of project co-financing, and work by energy service contracts.

Mosmetrostroy JSC is one of the largest Russian companies working in the field of infrastructure construction. It is one of the most developed and oldest companies of its kind in Russia: it was established in 1931. Mosmetrostroy JSC accounts for construction of 179 underground stations, around 300 km of underground lines and 30 km of lines above the surface.

Mosmetrostroy JSC constructs objects not only in Russia but also abroad, and actively participates in international tenders. In addition, the company is a general contractor in a program organized by Moscow Government and aimed at metro system development. The company performs the following works:
construction of all types of underground tunnels, hallways and crossings, and the surface facilities connected to them;
laying tracks and branches leading to depots, and construction of other infrastructure;
laying and assembling any kind of underground technical communications;
building elevated structures for railway communication;
conducting finishing works at the metro stations and other underground facilities;
manufacturing equipment for metro- and other transport tunnels construction.


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