One-LUX drives growth with new lighting products launch at Light+Building 2014

April 1, 2014

One-LUX, specialists in the design and manufacture of innovative lighting components, is continuing its drive for significant sales growth with the launch of a number of new products at the forthcoming Light + Building 2014 exhibition in Frankfurt.

The company has grown substantially since its launch in 2008 and One-LUX Sales Director, Simon Fox is optimistic that the latest additions to the product portfolio will enable the business to sustain its double digit growth curve in 2014 and beyond.

He explains: “At Light + Building 2012, our customers told us of the growing need for energy efficient, cost effective lighting controls. This encouraged us to recruit a team of electronic design specialists and make the necessary investment to grow our research and development facilities”.

“Two years later and we are now seeing the fruits of our labours with welcome additions to our One-LED emergency and One-SENSE energy saving ranges.”

Notably, all the new products in the One-LED range have been designed at the UK’s head office in Aldridge, and, as part of One-LUX’s commitment to support the resurgent British manufacturing sector, are also made in the UK. The company is hoping that this change in approach will not only strengthen relationships with UK customers but also aid export growth given the UK’s reputation for quality around the globe.

Among the new lighting components being launched is Unity-LED, believed to be the world’s first dimmable mains or emergency, multi-current LED driver. This innovative new product features a constant power emergency output and is capable of driving multiple LED arrays.

One of Unity-LEDs key advantages for OEMs is that it significantly reduces the number of in-stock variants required which helps free up otherwise tied up resources.

Unity-LED can be used in conjunction with the One-LUX Motion-PHASE system, which dims lighting to a pre-set level when no movement is detected. This functionality makes it a logical option for installation in corridors, car parks and other areas where a low level of lighting is desirable for security or safety. The benefits of this new product are likely to appeal to Facility and Estates Managers as well as OEM’s because of its energy saving potential which positively affects lighting costs.

A further addition to the One-LED range, is OL55, a LED module suited for use with most popular LED panels, arrays and battens. Its size means it can offer flexibility within a compact package.

Another new product to be introduced is the One-LED SOLO which contains a LED lamp head capable of providing eight metre spacing. This emergency module is packaged in a low profile SELV hinged driver and battery enclosure which easily slots through a 42mm diameter ceiling cut-out.

The imminent introduction of the One-SENSE ECO+ heralds the arrival of one of the newest sensors on the market. The product has been carefully designed to be compact and offer simple functionality in a neat package. Practical, energy saving functionality means it is well suited to incorporation in low profile, seldom used locations such as meeting rooms, corridors, stairwells, store rooms and car parks. The system contains a pocket-sized detector unit which can be discreetly mounted in an existing light fitting. The One-SENSE ECO+ FIT is also suitable where remote installation is required to overcome the inhibiting effects of metal based luminaires which, might otherwise disrupt microwave technology within the sensor.

Other new products in the One-LUX range including drivers and batteries will be on display in Hall 4 at the world’s largest lighting event.

One-LUX specialises in the design and manufacture of reliable, innovative electronic components which are sold to lighting OEM’s worldwide.

One-LUX products can be found in emergency lighting luminaires located in offices, hotels, schools, warehouses, factories, social housing complexes, sports centres, and car parks. One-LUX is a growing force in the energy saving controls market, offering a large range of microwave occupancy sensors, dimmable ballasts and LED drivers.

By working closely with its suppliers and customer base, One-LUX is establishing an enviable reputation in the creation of mainstream and bespoke electronic solutions, and the company aspires to become a leading developer for the global OEM marketplace.


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