GlacialLight Arcturus Series 50W LED low bays feature multiple mounting options for commercial and residential lighting

April 28, 2014
Artistically Rendered Lighting Fixtures Offers Smooth and Even Illumination

Taipei, Taiwan -- GlacialLight, the lighting division of GlacialTech Inc., is introducing the Arcturus series of GL-BL50 Low Bay Lights. These dimmable 50 watt LED low bay lights come in three colors, and an artistic design making them suited for a variety of indoor environments. Shopping malls, restaurants, offices and even homes can all benefit from the even lighting and contemporary styling of the GL-BL50.

Contemporary Design
The GL-BL50 isn’t just another bay light. Its modern design sets it apart. Offered in White, Silver, or Black matte paint, a blue ring encircles the GL-BL50, giving off a cool ambient glow when the light is turned on, while the main lighting source projects downwards from the rounded lower skirt. Hanging options include chain, pendant rod, or cable suspension allowing the GL-BL50 to fit in any environment.

Smooth Illumination
An energy efficient 50 Watt Phillips LUXEON LED provides up to 4000 lumens -- enough light for almost any indoor application. This CoB style LED uses an array of small LEDs directly mounted on the circuit board to generate even lighting over a wide angle. The LED cover comes frosted by default for smooth, diffused light, but customers can also choose a clear cover for more direct illumination. Robust dimming options allow users to adjust the lighting level to match the ambience while a non-dimming model is also available.

Any Environment
The GL-BL50 is compatible with international mains voltage from 100-240V and comes in a variety of configurations for almost any indoor environment. A choice of 3 color temperature options are available -- Warm White (3000K), Neutral White (4000K), and Cool White (5000K). The GL-BL50 can be hanged with a pendant rod, cable, or chain type installation. IP54 rating means it’s tough enough for restaurant, garage, or kitchen use.

Note: Default shipment equipped with frosted cover, clear cover upon customer request.

- Color options: White, silver and black
- Translucent blue trim glows when light turns on
- Philips LUXEON CoB (chip-on-board) LED
- Attachment options: Chain, pendant rod, cables
- Frosted lighting cover provides for smoother illumination
- IP54 certified lighting fixture
- Included LED driver is IP67 and UL certified
- Dimmable models available

About GlacialLight
GlacialLight, the lighting division of GlacialTech, manufactures LED lighting solutions for indoor/outdoor applications and both residential and commercial uses. As well as having a wide range of finished LED lighting products, GlacialLight also offers its clients the option of customizing products for specific needs. Please visit the company homepage at


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