Formosa Gardens shopping center attracts new tenants with energy-saving Arkon LED retrofit

April 22, 2014

Shopping Center, Arkon Develop Partnership

Formosa Gardens is attracting more tenants by upgrading to LEDs.

Mary Ellen Kerber and her employer at Formosa Gardens have an addiction. They can’t get enough, and they keep going back to their favorite dealer.

“We’ve done two LED installations for Formosa, and both of them have worked out great,” said Greg Papandrew of Arkon LED. “Now we’re in the process of doing two more projects with them, and we’re looking at one more.”

It all started late last year, when the Kissimmee, Fla., based shopping center was looking to upgrade its 19 1,080-watt high pressure sodium lights. The lights were driving up the utility costs for Formosa’s tenants, and it was making it difficult to attract new tenants, as well. Arkon LED suggested a combination of its 120- and 200-watt LED fixtures that would reduce Formosa’s power consumption by 70%. “Arkon was very helpful and knowledgeable compared to some of the other companies we were looking at,” Kerber said. “So far we’ve been very happy with it. When no tenants complain, that is a good thing, and I’ve even gotten a couple of positive comments.” When Formosa wanted to brighten another area of its parking lot, it came back to Arkon. The company installed two additional poles with one fixture each in the dark area, overcoming several concerns with power availability and finding a way to place the poles in a position that saved Formosa more money. On the horizon for Formosa are the replacement of more then 50 poles on rent from the local power utility with a decorative LED lamp and 90 decorative lights on the roof of the facility with a lower wattage LED. If all goes well, the company will also be considering upgrading its neighboring hotel parking lot, pool area and landscaping lighting with Arkon LEDs. “We believe in relationships,” Kerber said. “We felt better with Arkon LED.” At the end of the day, the most important thing for Kerber was a company willing to tell her the truth about what it could do. Formosa has numerous lighting installations, and Arkon explained an LED solution is not right for all of them. “Arkon’s sales associate was very honest,” Kerber said. “I worked with some companies that said they could do it all, where Arkon said it would take too many years to recoup our money on some projects.”


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