EarthTronics' EarthBulb LED MR and GU10 lamps offer 70% energy savings over halogen

April 11, 2014

New MR16 and GU10 LEDs offer up to 20 times the service life of halogen bulbs with energy savings

MUSKEGON, Mich.--EarthTronics developed a line of MR16 and GU10 EarthBulb LEDs to offer more than a 70 percent energy savings compared to halogen floodlights for hospitality, restaurant, long-term care and retail locations. Each bulb features a multi-chipset high-power LED, with an advanced cooling system and provides extended performance life and high color rendering of greater than 80 CRI. EarthBulb LEDs offer smooth dimming capabilities from 100 percent to less than five percent. The 40,000 Energy Star rated life and energy savings that exceeds 70 percent, provide a quick return on investment.

The 6 watt MR16 and GU10 replace a standard 35 watt incandescent bulb, provide a pleasing 3000K white color of light with 350 lumens and has a 38 degree beam angle. MR16 and GU10 are ideal for use in dimming recessed lighting, track lighting and display lighting applications.

Each of the MR16 and GU10 EarthBulb LEDs offers:

- 3000K white light with high color rendering rating of greater than 80

- Multi-chip LED design is ascetically pleasing

- Easy installation

- Advanced LED cooling system for long performance life

- Three-year standard warranty

EarthBulb LED lamps are available at retailers nationwide and can be purchased online.

About EarthTronics

EarthTronics is dedicated to developing innovative energy efficient lighting products that provide a positive economic and environmental impact for our customers. Founded in 2007, EarthTronics, Inc. is a Michigan based company located in Muskegon. EarthTronics energy efficient lighting solutions include CFL lamps from 5 watt to 65 watt that replace 25 watt to 300 watt incandescent lamps and LED solutions for decorative and display lighting, downlights and general area lighting. EarthTronics covers it all. EarthTronics has warehousing in the United States and Canada. More information can be found at




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